Thursday, February 26, 2009

tree climbing

tree climbing
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Stuck in a tree?? o.0

Went for walk and ended up in the graveyard at the East and Old Church. I love walking around the very small space and trying to read the gravestones. A lot of them are so old they are just little stumps in the ground, or they are sinking into the earth. Some of the detail on them is very intricate. The letters ranging from simple block letters to really fancy cursive.

As we were walking around (it is very small, the actual grave site lawn is not that much bigger then the land our flat complex sits on) this older man starts talking to us about the graves and the area. Was interesting and he had keys to the church so asked if we wanted to see the organ because I've never seen it.

I've said before I'm not a religious person but the inside of the church was beautiful. The stain glass windows (memorials to the first and second world war), were gorgeous and you can't see them from the outside as they are protected to keep the neds from breaking them, so I didn't realize how colourful the actually are.

The organ is huge! The church had to be expanded when the organ was put in over a hundred years ago. I wish I could find a picture of it (and I didn't think to ask him if I could take one). He was telling us its going to cost £66,000 to maintain it the next time it is done. A lot of money.

The next nice day I will try to go up to Newmont Hill . Bigger, newer graveyard. Mr.Fuzzy's Great Grandmother is buried there in the older part of the cemetery. Just has her name on the gravestone, which I think is odd. Should have at least a birth date on it I think.

I thought about asking the guy with the keys to the church if I could put the little cow on the organ but thought I might get a few odd looks. No idea how I would have gotten him down :p Would have had to throw him in the air and cross my fingers he caught on something to stay on the organ and the guys little dog would have probably thought I was playing catch and would have run away with my little cow.


tlc illustration said...

I love old graveyards. Some of those old tombstones are so gorgeous.

Linda Fleming said...

What intersting places you have to visit in your area! Probably was good that you didn't try to throw the cow up in the organ. If it got stuck up there the poor old man would have to explain to every visitor how the cow got on top of the organ-LOL!

BumbleVee said...

you'll have to go hang out at the church yard and hope for the old geezer to show up so you can a get a pic.... there must be a little ledge or something on the lower part of the organ where you could put the little cow guy....

Jennifer Rose said...

I could spend hours in old graveyards. They are just so peaceful and lots to look at

Linda- Some parts are more interesting then others, but there is a lot of history in the area too see and read about. lol that would have been funny to get the cow stuck lol would be an interesting story to add to the church though. the cow ended up on the organ because some crazy Canadian chucked it there :p

I couldn't actually see a ledge. just lots of pipes and smooth wood. The organ had to be almost 2 stories tall. I could have put it on the organ keys I guess. that would have been better than nothing :)

Shashi Nayagam said...

Old graveyards are very interesting. They have so much of history. I have visited some in India and it is very interesting as well as sad to see some who died very young. Especially children and women probably due to some desease. The sad part is their families had to bury them in a foreign land and then probably left. I know some some friends of mine have visited their great grandparents or uncles and aunts graves but there must have been many who never could have that opportunity.

Sandy said...

hahha, great idea to put the cow on the organ...I too strangely like graveyards, sure wish you could have gotten a pic of the organ. Still loved stained glass windows and the smell of incense, from my school girl days of being a good little Catholic.

Jennifer Rose said...

Shashi-Reading the gravestones, you see so many people, often whole families dying of things that today we have medicine to cure. kind of makes me glad for modern medicine. the sites are a huge part of history. there are a few stones at the gravesite that are just stones saying that the person is buried in another country. I thought that was cool when I saw it :)

Sandy- I'm kicking myself that I didn't get a picture of the organ :(