Friday, April 17, 2009

creative space april 16

creative space april 16
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a day late oops :p

Since I can't draw, the start of sugar cookies :D Nice and simple to make and lots of sugar :p

And the finished cookies.Cinnamon and sugar on the left and normal ones on the right (with a few with oats on them for Mr.F)

Mr.F dropped off my portfolio today at the Uni since I can't move without wanting to be ill. So hopefully hear back about that soon either way. He had to take a bit of a detour, up a steep hill,up 3 floors and a lift and then along a corridor. Would have gotten a laugh watching him lug around my big portfolio which he ended up just bringing back anyway and leaving the smaller one :p And it was his birthday. So happy birthday :D

So I have to take steroid pills because the ear thing has caused an MS relapse. Lovely pins and needle feeling in my face and my tongue is all tingly: Double vision is probably from the relapse too. So random bouts of facial hair and being able to lift cars to look forward to (joking I hope :p)


leslie said...

Happy Birthday, Mr. Fuzzy!

Thanks for lugging Mrs. Fuzzy's portfolio! When You're done with hers, maybe you could see to mine... :)

Is that a great big kiwi slice in that photo?

Give those "flopping over" exercises a try. It will make you dizzy when you first start, but you're feeling dizzy anyway, so what's the difference?

(that last part sounded mean :) I really want you to do the exercises to feel better :) )

Kerry said...

the cookies look yummy and do hope you feel better very soon!

Vic said...

I hope you feel better soon jennifer...always the way take meds for one thing only for it to cause a problem with something else...good luck with hope you get in.

Macpurp said...

cookies look yummy!
glad the portfolio is delivered, even if the big one just went for a long walk with Mr Fuzzy, ( hope you had a lovely birthday!)
now this lifting cars side effect....that could be handy...

hope the side effects are minimal and the steroids help your relapse soon.
love teen xxx

Toni said...


Hope you start feeling better soon. My husband had Vertigo once and that is no fun.

Take care.

Grooveycrafts said...

Oh! I'm going to have to read more of your blog to find out about the portfolio adventure and why you've sent it.

I hope your feeling better today as that sounds awful :(.

Ann said...

What a guy! Hope he had a happy birthday. And I hope you are feeling better very soon :)

Rose Welty said...

As much fun as Mr. F had ;-), I'm sure he really did it because he believes in you - as do so many of us. I'd love to see you get in.

Sorry to hear about all the symptoms and the relapse, will be thinking of you.

Michelle (artscapes) said...

Mmmmm those cookies look soooo good!

It sounds like a terrible case. Yikes! I'll stop complaining about my thick head now!

My Mom has MS. I hope all this clears up quickly and you can get to drawing again soon! Sounds like you have a great man! Can't wait until the results come in....

Linda Fleming said...

Sorry you aren't feeling well. Hope it clears up soon and you are back to feeling normal. Those cookies look yummy!

Sandy said... sorry to read this is continuing and kicked off your MS. Sure hope this gets resolved.

Your cookies look too good, I would be at them every time I walked by.

Jennifer Rose said...

leslie- lol I knew what you meant :) yep its a kiwi slice, I can't stand them but Mr.F likes them

thanks Kerry :)

Vic- thanks :) I hope I get in too, but at the same time I'm kinda freaked out about it lol

tina- they were yummy (yes I ate al mine oops :p) I don't seem to be having any side effects right now, so hopefully I don't

toni-thank you :) its not fun at all

Grooveycrafts- I'm trying to get in Uni. So had to get the portfolio all together and send it off. not sure when I will hear about getting in either way though

Ann- thank you. I felt bad having him lug the portfolio on his birthday :/ says he didn't mind tho

rose- thanks :) hope your head is better

Michelle- don't stop complaining about your head. it bugs you so is worth talking about. how long has your mom been diagnosed?

Linda- they were tasty, I want to make more now lol and thanks :)

Sandy- thank you. :) (cookie thief! jk lots for everyone :) )