Thursday, April 30, 2009

Creative Space April 30,2009

little veggie patch
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So the sun decided to make an appearance today, but the mountains are still hidden in harr so who knows how long the sun will stay around. Yesterday we spent the afternoon working on the front garden, weeding, getting rid of garbage that neds toss in the yard :/ , general yard work.

Mr.F used his azada to dig up his other veggie patch to plant potatoes in. That thing is deadly looking o.0 Looks like an ax. I should probably take a picture of it to show people. Saved him a lot of time though (even if I refuse to touch it because I am afraid that I will chop my foot off :p)

So today the back garden is our creative space :) Because of all the rain we have been having the last 2 days the onions are growing like weeds. I have no idea who will eat all the onions (I can't eat onions, horrible heartburn the taste, they just don't like me. yeah TMI :p) The strawberry plants are doing well and growing new leaves, the peas seem to be surviving (just :/) and the radishes on the other side look like they are doing well.

See there is one problem though. Neither of us really eat any veggies :p Your staples like potatoes, carrots, peas, corn (not growing any though), lettuce but thats about it. And Mr.F doesn't eat any :p So last year with all the beets he grew his grandparents had enough beets to last awhile :p And he made borsch. Which I still say smelt like sweaty gym socks

We could have planted flowers in this little border, but knowing that we grew something we can eat is really nice :) Not going to starve if the swine flu wipes out the world :p (I am getting really sick of hearing about the swine flu. Yes its a big deal, but the media is hyping it all up. People die from the normal flu all the time but you don't have the media freaking out about it! Either its going to be a pandemic, and if that is the case there really isn't anything that can be done but try to find ways to cure it or the resulting illness' from it or, it will be like any other flu and life goes on. I think it really has been over hyped by the media and people are starting to panic without being fully informed. Fine if you want to panic after doing some reading (nothing better then being as knowledgeable about something as you can, and then start freaking out because of what you know :p oh why did I go and read up on the bubonic plague), but don't start believing everything the media reports. 4 different news sites and they all say different things but all manage to make it seem like the world is ending :/ ok I'm done ranting :p) jeeze that got long.....

I didn't think any of the anemones would be budding now, but this one seems to be doing well. I really liked these flowers last year but all the red ones were beaten by the heavy rain we got. Hopefully this year we get some other colours then purple.

And my foxgloves :D all 27 of them. I need more. I just think they are gorgeous. Never mind that they are toxic. Probably will not flower this year, but should next.

So back to the backyard. Pots need to be planted and seeds put in the ground. Need to go through all the bulbs we have to see which ones are still good and haven't rotted. And then hopefully I can get some drawing done. :)

I know Mr.F wants to grow a giant pumpkin so might get the ground ready for that. Just no idea what he is going to do with it. I am not living in a pumpkin! :p


Macpurp said...

i am giggling at the thought of you ranting at Mr Fuzzy about not living in a pumpkin!!!

love the plant pics.

love teen xx

Michelle (artscapes) said...

I think the garden is wonderful... Too bad I didn't live closer! :-)

Can't wait to see how big the pumpkin gets....

Linda Fleming said...

You don't want to live in a pumpkin? How about a pumplin carriage?

We don't eat a lot of veggies either. I like veggies but Mike only likes corn and green beans.

BumbleVee said... in a giant pumpkin would be using the insides for baking lovely pumpkin pies, loaves and muffins......yum!

Melody Lea Lamb said...

Ah, delightful pics and prose about your greenery! I can just smell that sweet damp soil all turned and ready to host your veggies (or giant punkin'). Digitalis (hey, I remembered the botanical name) Foxgloves, I never did get to see the ones I started in Texas. Pictured them in my mind often though.
Happy gardening.

"JeanneG" said...

Nice to have the veggies at your fingertips. Very tasty looking cornbread. I love cornbread and beans. Had to Google "toad in a hole". Never heard of it. Not sure if it looks tasty or not. But the sweet raisin bread looks really good.

Jennifer Rose said...

tina- lol the thing is I don't know anyone here that eats pumpkin! ever since john saw the giant ones at the fair in canada he has wanted to grow one. What would we do with a pumpkin that weighs 800 pounds!?!

michelle- the pumpkin carriage would liveable. a stretch one that has a bath and kitchen :D

bumblevee- yeah would def. stink :/ I've never actually been able to eat a pumpkin pie. just don't like the texture :/

melody- I always forget the botanical name for them :) hopefully we are around to see these flower, but one can never tell

jeanne- toad in the hole is great :D it doesn't look like it would be but it is. :D and its fairly easy to make. the raisin bread is no more :D i was a pig and ate it all lol

Kirsty said...

Your vegie patch looks great. I'm holding out for a vegie patch in the new house.