Sunday, April 12, 2009

Eye Spy....

a surprise. just not one that I could get a good picture of. I tried getting closer to it but it flew away :/ Would have been nice to get some good shots of it in the wild.

Copyright Jennifer Rose Phillip

Slowly getting finished. He looks like he is sleeping :p hey it might be done in time to put in my portfolio to drop off on Friday. Which can go either way. If I get in I get in, if not I will have lot of art to get rid off :p (more art then I have room for. Running out of space under the bed in flat containers and I don't have the money to frame a lot of the ones I would like to keep)

I have honestly have had nothing to blog about the past few days. I'm clutching at straws trying to think of things to post about :p life has become pretty mundane and predictable. Weather has been too crappy to go for a walk and take pictures.

Spent the day planting flowers and some strawberry plants in the yard. Got a few strawberries off of the plants last year when they were in pots so hopefully we get some more now that they are in the ground. This year though we are not going to have 20 tomato plants, but lots of onions if they all grow. Anyone want some onions? :p And Mr.F got a plant from his mom, but we have no idea what it is. All I have to go on is that when it flowers the flowers are pink :/ that could be anything :p

Mr.F quit his job, which sucks because he did like it but he wasn't going to put up with the bull****. Wasn't worth it. So back to job hunting and if I don't get into Uni I am going to look for a job. On the plus side gives him lots of time to work on the garden :D

If I had a bigger kitchen and a food thermometer I would have made these :D Since I can't get Peeps here :( I want to make my own one day. There are very few sweets that I miss from Canada, Rockets and Peeps being some of them. Most of the candy here tastes better :p


kaslkaos said...

There's always something to blog about. You are you, alive, thinking, & doing--worthy. I want to know.
I was wondering when you needed to submit to the Uni, thought I'd missed a post, but now I know it's almost time. The horse would be good. I'm in the same boat with framing. I have scattered art on the floor, the tables, a black portfolio, on top of my scanner, beside my scanner and none on my walls.
Good luck to Mr.Fuzzy in job hunting. I hope you get in the Uni so you can continue to create more art. Whew, that's my longest comment yet, but I'm catching up here.

Serena said...

A pity you couldn't get a closer pic but at least you tried ~ :)

Good luck to Mr Fuzzy on finding a job without the bull****.

I hope you're having a nice Easter weekend.

Jennifer Rose said...

ingrid- i just don't want the blog to be the same thing over and over again :) this is a long comment for you! make more this length and then I wont feel bad for rambling on your blog lol ;)

serena- easter was good. nice lazy day :) I wish I had of had the SLR with me, has a better lens but film is so expensive to get develop we have been using the compact so much.

Chrissy said...

Hi Jen, I too am catching up....
Sometimes I think you need a blogging break, I go though periods of collecting loads and then posting loads...
Some times life can be too busy to blog too, this frequently happens to me.
Is it a heron in the water?

Rosie is coming along well ;-)