Monday, April 06, 2009

Monday photo(s) for the week

Very grey day today. And now its raining/pouring out. It doesn't always rain like some people think and it depends on what side of the coast you are on as to how much rain/sleet you will get. The weather here is influenced by the North Sea as its pretty close (you can see it from certain parts on the highway and its only 20 mins away). It is green almost all year round which I found odd the first winter. Fields were still green where normally I was use to seeing them brown and muddy. So to answer your question sis, no it doesn't rain all the time :p Think of Southern Ontario but not as hot or cold, the weather patterns are pretty similar.

I am still trying to get the pictures together for when I asked what people want pictures of. Can't seem to find a fireman but Mr.F reminded me I had seen a fireman when they thought the Co-Op was going to burn down. So might have to go find those pictures.

This weeks Scottish word:

1. dux

Answer to last weeks word:

1. puckle means a few


MaryO said...

This is just the way it looked at my house today, Jennifer, dark and gloomy. I really like your first photo of the trees, and especially the last one where the road seems to just disappear into the mist.

Serena said...

When my Mum's childhood friend came to Australia to visit us years ago, she and her companion were amazed that we had no rain at all during their stay. lol Love the pics....particularly the one of the beach.

Chrissy said...

Oh it looks so dull and grey, it did here too yesterday. I love the green and would miss it but overcast cloud is horrible :( Thankfully we have some sunshine today...

leslie said...

dux...small feathered animals that tend to like ponds and bread being tossed at them.
dux (long "U" sound) position of honor just below an earl. counterpart to duchesses.

JudiA said...

Oh wow, those could be pictures of Oregon. Well, except for the interesting architecture. What is the building in the second photo? Hope the sun comes out for you soon!

HElen said...

We had some heavy rains for a few days, but fileds are getting green. Love the picture of the beach. Very nice.

Norma Soulet (AZArtist) said...


I had forgotten what a grey and gloomy day looks like! :) Over here is going to be 90 degrees today.
Wish we would get some rain. Please send some our way! :)

Sandy said...

We will get our rain tomorrow. Puckle means few! Interesting.

Jennifer Rose said...

Mary- thanks :) it was odd driving, in some places it really did look like the road ended in the fog

Serena- I love going to this beach, even during the summer its quite :) No rain at all would seem odd to me. It rained A LOT when hubby went to Australia lol says water was flowing down the street

chrissy- some sun today, before it started to pour :/

leslie- lol :D your guess' always make me laugh :D

Judi- I loved going to Oregon. Spent a day near the Ocean :) its a castle in ruins :) called Red Castle I think

Helen- thanks :)

Norma- 90?!?! o.0 would be nice :D *sends rain that way*

Sandy- Yep and its a word you can use, and its easily pronounceable. unlike some words I've posted (I don't even try to pronounce things any more :p just ask hubby how its said)

Serena said...

Your hubby must have brought the rain with him....LOL I guess it would depend on what part of Australia he was visiting. We do get rain here in Queensland but it's few and far between and usually in our summer months. There was unusual rainfall last November up north which caused a lot of flooding. Where I live, we might get a few days of rain and then it will be dry again for weeks....not a regular thing by any means. We have been drought-declared for many years.