Monday, April 27, 2009

Monday photos of the week April 27,2009

I swear this little bird is taunting me. It doesn't move for minutes and as soon as I get him in focus he bloody flies away! I am determined to get a good shot of him, if I have to stare out the window for hours and the neighbours start thinking that I am insane....

Rained all day today :/ So nothing to take pictures of but the bird table again as its right outside the window.So kind of boring shots this week.

The 3 Stooges

The pigeon again who always looks like he is flying drunk. I swear he is! He is a horrible flyer. Always flying into things or misjudging landings :p One day we are going to hear a loud thud and smash and end up with him in the living room :/ (and I have been told you can eat them, I just don't know if I would....)

And while it doesn't look too pretty, it taste pretty good :) Raisin bread that Mr.F made. But it is more like a cake because of the sugar which is fine with me :p He hates raisins so I have to eat it all.......:p

And this bowl. Which I think is Monart glass belongs to Mr.F's grandparents. I just think its so pretty but can't find anything to give me a date for it :/ I could be wrong with what type of glass it is, but I have been watching a lot of antiques stuff and it does look a lot like what they say is Monart on the t.v. Its more of an orange colour then the peach it looks here.

*art post later tonight*


Shashi Nayagam said...

The bread looks delicious. You are lucky to get home made bread.
I find it very hard to take bird pictures. You did well considering that he was taunting you.

Linda Fleming said...

What kind of bird is that pretty green one in the first photo?

Jennifer Rose said...

it was good Shashi :) Its cheaper then store bought and we know whats going in it compared to store bought :)

its a blue tit Linda :) very pretty but really flighty