Saturday, April 25, 2009

Virtual Sketch for April 2009

Virtual Sketch for April
Copyright Jennifer Rose Phillip
ACEO Coloured pencils and Neocolors

Very quick one for this month :) This week has gone by so fast it isn't even funny. Neocolors for the background and Prismas for the flower. I might redo this at some date so that it is more then a half hour piece of work as it is a very nice photo.

The photo was taken by Jeanette Jobson.

Go have a look at the other participants this month here :)

Picked up my portfolio today, wont know either way until the end of the month. But I seem to have forgotten my password so am going to have to phone UCAS Monday to get it figured out if I can't remember. So when I found out the blog post is either going to be titled Crap :( or Holy Crap! :p

I wont post the pictures but I think these are so cool! :D Moulds of my teeth. I so want to make something out of them but need to keep them incase my bit for grinding my teeth gets wrecked. I could make copies somehow and work with those. Some people might think its morbid to want to make things out of them though, but I just think its so neat that you can see so much detail on them. Would probably work well for a drawing.


Rose Welty said...

You crack me up.

Yes, I think the teeth would be a fabulous drawing! A little dramatic lighting...

Nice crop on the rhododendron...

Jeanette said...

Great crop and vivid colours on the rhodie.

Drawing a mold of teeth sounds like great fun. Just the same as cast drawing but perhaps a little more 'intimate' :)

Sydney Harper said...

Nice crop. I like the closeup of the bud and the colors.

When you mentioned doing something with the mold of your teeth, I thought of James Gurney (Gurney Journey). A while back he had a post with casts illuminated with colored lights. :)

Linda Fleming said...

Love the colors and shading in your sketch.

I had one of those mouth guard thingies to stop me from grinding my teeth. Every night I would put it in when I went to bed, and every night I would spit it out after I went to sleep-LOL!

Jennifer Rose said...

rose- thank you :) yeah I think dramatic lighting would work well too :)

Jeanette- thanks :D Cast drawing?

Sydney- thanks :) I think I remember reading a post there about that. Going to have to go have a look again.

Linda- thank you :) I can't wait to get the thing off in the morning but it beats having chipped teeth :/ At least this one is not as thick as the first one I had.

Shashi Nayagam said...

Making something artistic our of Moulds of teeth it sounds an intrigueing idea

Paulette said...

Great crop Jennifer!
I love the small cards for how quick you can do beautiful work.