Sunday, June 21, 2009

Black Paper

Look what came in the mail on Saturday! Black Stonehenge paper from Vic :D plus a lovely little card and a really nice little art card. Its shiny :p

I really do love how people that I have only met online are willing to share things with me, and I don't just mean material things like the above. So many people are willing to help when I have questions and ones that are not just art related. :) And the comments I get when I am feeling like crap are really really appreciated.

So expect a review of the black paper in the coming weeks. I already know what I am going to be drawing on one of the sheets, and I figure might as well draw the foxgloves on this to put the paper through its paces.


Michelle Eaton said...

How nice, can't wait to see what you create with it.

I love how people are so supportive of one another also. It makes me really happy :)

Jenifir said...

I am looking forward to seeing the foxgloves. I agree with you about the giving spirit in blogland. I love the sharing of information, support and ideas. I suppose that in this day and age we are supposed to be wary but I find everyone refreshingly unguarded which I hope is contagious. I haven't checked into your posts for a few days so I will read a comment accordingly. I was tagged for "Six unimportant things I love" which was fun. It took me a few days and I changed it a bit. I have tagged you because I like what you post about.

Vic said...

Enjoy the paper jennifer,and glad you like the cards.

Teresa Mallen said...

Some lovely loot from Vic! I look forward to seeing your foxgloves on the black Stonehenge. Foxgloves are so lovely. :-)

Jennifer Rose said...

michelle- it makes me happy too knowing that there are still people out there that will help and support others :D

jenifir- I'm going to have to spend a few days thinking of 6 things and thank you :) Yeah we are told watch what we say online, but short of telling people about detailed operations I write everything on one blog or the other :)

Vic- thank you again :) they are really nice

teresa- i love foxgloves, just have to be careful when weeding around them :/