Thursday, June 18, 2009

Creative Space June 18,2009

Creative Space June 18,2009
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Decided it was about time I started to finish up that pencil wrap I started weeks ago :p Need to measure out the spaces for the pencils and re-do the the binding because I messed it up :/ Hopefully I can can find the right thread. I think its in the big box of fabric and if thats the case its probably been eaten :p

I am still working on the tattoo design, hopefully get that all drawn up tonight and then start shading it tomorrow :) Yes its a fast turn around rate but I like to get commissions done as soon as possible so I don't lose them :) And I do love drawing tattoos for people :D I am going to ask the lady who commissioned me for a picture once it is all healed, which I might post here :)

A few years ago I had someone contact me on Elfwood asking if the could use this for a tattoo. I said sure :D I am honestly fine with someone getting any of my work done as a tattoo. Its nice when someone asks but really there isn't much I can do if someone decides to get my art permanently on their body. Go to their house and chop off the offending part with my art on it?

nah don't think so :p I love seeing pictures though as I always like to see what the tattoo artist did with it (but I do stress that none of my art can be used in flash books, that does cost money :p).

I don't ever know if I will ever be happy with a design I draw for myself to get a tattoo and where I want it might not even be possible due to all the freckles :/ but its fun drawing them.

I have so much art I should be doing so here is a list so I can keep track (well thats the idea anyway :p)

1. Tattoo commission
2. CP Eagles
3. Compass dragons
4. Dragon/scarab
5. another sculpey dragon
6. this pencil wrap
7. a big bird pointillism piece (i am pretty sure I am going to be doing a peregrine falcon, just need to put a few pictures together for the drawing. I am insane to try this :p)

I think that is it, but I am probably missing something hmmm. ok off to draw :D

see more creative spaces right here :)


Carla said...

I would love to get more tats. Just can't afford them anymore. Your work is wonderful.

Linda Fleming said...

You sound like me- a list of things already in progress and a list of things you hope to soon start. Do we ever get caught up? Probably not- ha

Serena said...

Lists like that help me to stay on task too.

Re. freckles and tatts....they will do tatts over freckles no problem but they won't do them over moles (the bumpy type freckles). How neat that people like your art for tattoos. After he designed his own horse tattoo, Beau has had requests from friends and family to do tattoo designs for them. The tattoo artist told him to draw up an A3 sheet of designs and they would buy them from him. Have you thought about doing that?

Nice pencil wrap ~

Jenifir said...

I too have many works in progress and my Mum asks me if I lie awake at night dreaming up new projects-which I do! I have lots of lists and not enough things checked off. While I like the design possibilities of tatoos I don't think they are right for me. It is like appreciating a type of architecture but knowing that you wouldn't be happy living in it. Besides, I am not keen on volunteering for that kind of discomfort. Getting my ears pierced once was enough for a lifetime. That said I have had four natural childbirths which were not a walk in the park but I survived just find in the end eventhough I thought I would die!

Kirsty said...

I'm way to chicken for tattoos.

Madam Salami said...

I think its great people want your work as a tattoo, my tattoo is a 'van Gogh' inspired piece.

By the way I've tagged you - checkout my blog to see what that means and what you have to do:

Jennifer Rose said...

carla-yeah its a shame they can be so expensive but a good tattoo artists is not cheap :/

linda- nope, never get caught up lol

serena- I have thought about drawing up some flash pages, one more thing to add to the list lol :) thats neat that the artist asked beau to draw up some design :)

jenifir- I lay awake sometimes too dreaming of new projects :) yeah tattoos are not for everyone, neither is giving birth ;) Too permanent for some people.

kirsty- I've been told they don't hurt as much as people think they do :)

would love to see your tattoo Tasha :) thanks for the tag

Teresa Mallen said...

Your pencil wrap looks like a fabulous project. I taught a cp class today and for several minutes at the beginning my students were all distracted by each others products for carrying pencils. "Where did you get that?" "How much did it cost?" "How many will it hold?" :-) I am sure you could market and sell your wraps!!

From your list, it sounds like you have some wonderful, creative art projects in your future!!

Jennifer Rose said...

teresa- lol at your students :D I do the same thing to other people.

I've thought about selling the wraps but I want to put this one through its paces to see how much abuse it can take first. Then if I am happy with it I would probably start selling them :)