Sunday, June 14, 2009

Eagle Update

Clematis in Mr.F's grandparents backyard. Taken with my cell phone so not the best picture as the lens was pretty dirty :/ I thought all the petals were gorgeous, never realized there were so many types of Clematis. His grandparents have been married 50 years. o.0 almost unheard of now.

Copyright Jennifer Rose Phillip

I have been drawing, just things that I can't post as they are for a commission for a tattoo design. The idea for the tattoo is a good one, well thought out. Not that there is anything wrong with getting a tattoo design that is from a flash book, but I think it means more when its something that you have taken the time to think about and either draw yourself or get an artist or the tattoo artist to help you draw. Might lessen the chances of running into someone who has the same tattoo which I think would be embarrassing. And why spend the rest of your life with something on your body forever that someone else has? (ok not forever with surgery but even then the scars might never fade)

So small update on the eagles. So small its probably not noticeable :p Put down a few light brown layers, and lightly drew in the brow ridges. Lots left to do and the bird still looks odd to me. hmm still hoping that with more feathers things start to look right. Can always start again if things don't start shaping up properly. I will try to work on a few pieces at the same times as these eagles, I think if I don't I will end up bored with this and never finish it.

Speaking of tattoos I just had the coolest idea for one that has to do with all the scarabs I have been drawing and dragons :) I don't think I will ever make up my mind about any of the scarabs that I draw as to what one I want as a tattoo, but they still make neat looking designs :)

*edit I am going to be continuing my paper posts later this week. I need to get a few examples of CP work on watercolour paper because I could not find the past work I have done on most of the types of paper (more then likely in boxes in Canada). So hopefully I will continue the posts by Wednesday :) Sorry about the delay :)


Tweed Delights said...

Love the colour of the clematis - almost an electric blue :) The eagle pic looks good! I'm a bit obtuse about scarabs, even although I've just looked it up in the dictionary!! Some kind of sacred beetle? Egyptian?

kerry said...

Love the blue clematis and your drawings are always perfect. Scarabs aren't those beetles from egyptian tombs like in The Mummy movies?

Guest said...

Oh don't know how this new comment thing works... let me try it before I write out a comment. sandy

Guest said...

I'm going to have to be guest cause it's not working for me.

Enjoyed reading you are designing tattoos. My son goes to a place out here, Six Feet Under...and his tattoo artist is amazing.. He's gotten great work done. I'll be catching up and seeing what you have been up to. sandy ...sandy's main blog, sandy

Judith Atsma said...

Well this is new - I hope I got it right, LOL. I have wanted a tattoo for years but have never been able to decide upon a design. I hope you get a chance to share your drawings eventually. In the meantime, I am enjoying watching the eagle take shape.

Jennifer Rose said...

thanks :D
yep an egyptian scarab, I draw a lot of them :)

Jennifer Rose said...

thank you :)
yep from the tombs like in the movie but not as gross looking ;)

Jennifer Rose said...

odd that it didn't let you leave a name :/ usually requires it
A good tattoo artist can make all the difference between a crap tattoo and a really good one. They can turn an ok design into a work of art :)

Jennifer Rose said...

yep you got it right :)

thanks :D deciding on a tattoo can be really hard, don't want to be stuck with something chosen at random