Friday, June 05, 2009

Noisy Little Thing

fledgling 2
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I was sitting at my desk and heard this huge ruckus and thought it was another cat getting one of the birds (the damn stripped tabby cat got one last week :( ), but thankfully I didn't see any cats.

Saw this noisy little fledgling crying for its parents too feed it faster :p The parents would take turns picking food off the suet ball feeder and then shove it in the wide open mouth of the youngster. We really need to put some more food on the table. And the doves haven't been back for a long time now. Which sucks as I was hoping to see small doves :/

I swear I still draw lol I was so busy today with other things that the day just flew by. Actually this whole week has gone by really fast, blink and you miss it speed.

I am still working on the support post, over half written and some examples for some of the options. I want to wait a day or two and go threw sites I use online in case there is a type of paper that I am forgetting that I have used.

We had hail today. Hail! in June! o.0 of course I was out hanging laundry so got pelted in the head :p Not going to curse the weather because then we might end up with snow. oh crap, now its going to snow :p *goes to knock on wood*


Tweed Delights said...

I swear you must be the most accident prone person I have ever 'met' - haha!! lol Will you be making drawings of any of your 'bird shots'? Think they would be lovely : )

Serena said...

Awwwww.....such a sweet photo! Baby birds sure are hungry little things.....their parents are kept very busy.

Yep, don't go jinxing yourself ~ ;)

Michelle (artscapes) said...

The weather has been crazy this year!
I love your bird pics. I rarely get the sense to pick up the camera before they are gone here...

After your busy drawing in May, a week of a little less might be needed to catch up on everything else!

Chrissy said...

Jen, you do make me laugh...:)
We stayed home cos the weather has been bad and have been watching a pair of great tits feed their family of four, we have laughed so much. At one point one of the babies was hanging upside down, they really cannot fly, so funny...
They are noisy too :D
I am looking forward to your posting on supports..I have ordered a lot of different paper to try this week

Liesl (Hoppo Bumpo) said...

That is the roundest baby starling I have ever seen. Very cute!

Shashi Nayagam said...

These chicks eat such a lot. My feed has been finishing if 2 days. I see lots of tree sparrow chicks they keep coming to the feeding point and crying for more food. I have run out of feed for them and haven't found time to buy some more as I have been very busy lately. If I find time tomorrow I shall have to go and buy some more.

Jennifer Rose said...

alison- i get told that a lot lol I just seem to be really clumsy lol Hubby took some really nice shots of the dove and the pigeons that I really want to draw soon :)

Serena- didn't snow! but it did rain off and on all day :/ Haven't seen either the adults or the baby for 2 days, so the parents might have flown away for a well deserved break now :)

Michelle- we keep the camera on the windowsill during the day as we never have the big part of the window open because cats try to get in the house :/ yeah I think I got a little burned out from May, but I did enjoy doing it.

Chrissy- what paper did you order? hopefully the weather there improves so you guys can get out but watching the birds can make up for the bad weather :)

Liesl- lol I know. He doesn't need any more food :p

Shashi- our food doesn't even last a day and when its all gone thats it, no more as we don't have the money right now to put food on the table for the birds. I haven't seen any sparrow chicks even though I think there are some living in the roof awning. hopefully they come out soon :)

Chrissy said...

Hi Jen, I have on order some stonehenge and some fisher 400 and another one that I cannot recall for the life of me. Not too much of anything in case I don't like it. We have so many babies feeding in our garden at the minute but the black and white cat got one yesterday on the floor :( I have bought a super soaker - IT IS WAR!

Jennifer Rose said...

I haven't used the fisher paper, let me know what you think of it :)
not funny about the cat getting a bird but I just have this image of you dresses up as Rambo scaring the cats away ;p