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White Paper

Continuation of my paper list. White paper today, not including watercolour paper. Not much that I can write about white paper, its white :p Ok so when using white paper you don't have to worry about the colour of the paper changing the final colours of your pencils, what you put down is what you end up with. Generally easy to transfer your drawing on white paper either with transfer paper or a projector, unlike with coloured paper where you sometimes have a hard time transferring your image onto the coloured surface so your lines will show up. Most people have some kind of white paper around so its easy to find in the house or in a store. You can have problems sometimes getting proper values on what you are drawing because there is not a base colour to work from and it can take longer to colour your drawing because you might need more layers to make up for a lack of paper colour. I generally tell people that ask me what type of paper to use and they are just starting out with CPs, to stick with white paper until they know how the pencil colours react to each other. After a person figures that out, then move onto the coloured paper.

And now for a blast from the past ;)

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(this was done in 1997 o.0 :p and I still have it lol)
Printer Paper

Printer Paper

Just your everyday printer paper that does come in different thickness'/weight. And there can be a difference in how white the paper is as well. The paper is smooth and the pencils are easily blended on it. Not recommended for really important work though as the paper can be pretty easy to wreck and crumble and can yellow really easily. For sketching (or a really naive 16 year old :p) it works well. Because there isn't much of a tooth to the paper if any at all, you can't get a lot of layers of pencils on it so building up colour can be a problem. To get ideas how the colours interact with each other it works well as you generally only need a few layers to figure that out, but on the whole its not a paper that is generally recommended.

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Strathmore Bristol paper

Strathmore Bristol

I have used the 300 series vellum finished bristol. Nice clean bright white paper. You can get smoother paper but I can't imagine using CPs on it, as this paper is hard enough to use on this series. It takes the pencil pigment no problem, I just find that you can not get that many layers on it and because of that it is really hard to get any kind of dark value to a piece. There is literally no tooth on this paper. You do get a nice smooth finish to your piece, and it is really easy to burnish areas that you want to as long as you have enough coloured pencil laid down before hand. There isn't a problem blending colours as long as you can get more layers to do so, and what you lay down on the paper will be the colour you end up with in the end. I prefer to use this paper for ink work because it is so smooth the ink just flows over the surface.

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Robert Bateman Sketchbook paper

Robert Bateman Sketchbook

This is my favourite of the white papers that I have used that isn't a watercolour paper. I really wish you could get sheets of this paper instead of having to buy the sketchbooks with their coil binding. Takes about a dozen layers before you have to struggle to get more and the pencils glide over the paper surface. I find that you really do have to push your values with this paper or things can look really washed out. The pencils blend easily on this paper, and you can wet the paper down a little bit if need as long as you don't soak it. Its a sketchbook paper, but its of high quality and I have pieces that are over 10 years old done on it and they are not showing any signs of yellowing or the colours fading on the paper. Not as smooth as the bristol paper, but still pretty smooth to the touch and if you want a smooth look to your work this paper will work too. Because there is a bit more tooth then the bristol paper, it gives you a bit more to work with so you can creat your own textures on it.

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Stonehenge paper


I could have put this in the watercolour section as you can use it for wet media, but since it is what a lot of CP artists use and is a white paper I decided to put it here. You can get it in different shades, but I haven't been able to find any (and I really want to try the black paper). It takes A LOT of layers which has its disadvantage and in advantages. I probably sound like a broken record because I have said it before, but I really do think this paper is overrated :/ Yes you can get lots of layers when using it, its a high quality paper, and the colours will stay bright on it. But you can also get that with other papers and I really do not understand the appeal of spending hours upon hours on one small section with multiple layers when you can get the same effects with less time on different paper. Sometimes you do need to use a lot of layers to get the proper values of what you are drawing and this paper is one to use, but if you use too many colours you could end up with a paper that looks like its covered in mud. I find that using a sharp point on the pencils work best compared to a rounded or dull point. You can get a nice soft effect with it but that also means that sometimes you will have problems with the pencils smudging or smearing on the paper. I know this isn't that paper for me, but lots of people do love using it. I do like it combining the pencils with Neocolors as you can wet the paper to no ill effect and the combination of crayons and pencils cuts down on the time needed to complete a piece. Because it is a very soft paper you have to be careful about scratching the paper's surface as even the smallest scratch can leave an indent on the paper :/

Part one Coloured paper

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Ann said...

What a great series of posts Jennifer! I love all of your examples and would never have guessed that you could get those wonderful effects on printer paper!

vic said...

Another great post Jennifer.....I have a load of black Stonehenge and if you would like I will send you some to try out, although I dont find it easy to use myself. I generally use it to create my abstract pieces and mandalas, but if you want some send me your addy and I post it to you.

Guest said...

Wow these are awesome my favourite is the eagle. Great work

Chrissy said...

Thanks for this one and now I know I will need to be careful working on the stonehenge paper cos I am really bad at getting dinks and dings in everything.
You can get coloured Stonehenge here:
And they did provide a great service. I have a piece of Fisher 400 sitting on one side that I will send off to you but I am very bad at forgetting so I will have to get Andy to remind me. Have you tried velour paper yet?

Jenifir said...

Hi Jennifer, I am finding your lists very interesting although I am about 25 years from last really considering drawing paper and even then was only just investigating (naive 16 year old). Now that my alomst 12 year old (No. 3) is showing more seriousness in his drawing, I am considering qualities in paper again. I have been trying to give him basic instruction but he may listen more to a professional instructor. I remember not liking what my first teachers wanted to correct in my technique. Thanks for the comments about my puppet theatre. I too believe in the inexpensively created toys but have you seen how much the really beautiful hand puppets cost? My children are drawn to them at the Chapters bookstores-especially the dragons :)

Jennifer Rose said...

thanks Ann :) I think it was a fluke lol haven't been able to do anything like that again on printer paper

Jennifer Rose said...

that is really nice of you vic :D I would really like that, thanks :)

Jennifer Rose said...

thank you :D

Jennifer Rose said...

Glad this is helpful :) the softness of the stonehenge is great if you need to impress lines for whiskers tho :)

I've never used either the Fisher paper or velour paper. would love to try the fisher paper, thanks :D I am always forgetting things too, if John wasn't like a walking phonebook I'd forget my phone number :p

vic said...

Hi Jennifer,
No worries, send me your address and I will get some posted out to
you tomorrow, probably be about A5 size if that is ok ?
Talk soon
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Sandy said...

I LOVE your eagle sketch.