Thursday, July 30, 2009

creative space July 30,2009

23/365 30.07.09
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Helping out in the potato patch :) The potatoes we have had from here are really good :) If we both ate more veggies I think from now on we wouldn't buy any from the store. (I think we would need a bigger garden with less weeds looks like a jungle in some parts....but thats what weedkiller is for :P >> Mr.F)

My creative space this week. A clean desk :p All of those pencils were loose and covering the tablet. Figured it was about time I cleaned up. I really want to get a tool kit or a tackle box for all of my supplies. Might help keep everything together (thats the idea anyway :p)

On the left is the line art for a set of eyes that is going to be done on the Fisher paper. I found it hard to get a good transfer onto it, will have to think of some other way of copying line art if I end up liking the paper and using it again.

Mr.F is busy playing a pirate game. All we need now is a parrot, a peg leg, an eye patch and a wench because I refuse to be the wench :p (Hey who said you got a say in the matter? Arrr >> Capt.F, buccaneer of the 7 interwebs)

(bloody pirate stole my blog :p >>Mrs.F)

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Serena said...

neat space! i neaten my art table up now and again but it always ends up least we try. ;)

CurlyPops said...

All the pencils look so pretty all lined up in a row!

JudiA said...

And here I thought I was doing a good job getting my work space cleaned up. sigh... I love having an immaculate desk ready to sit down to work at, but I'm afraid my creative style doesn't let that happen very often, LOL. Good job!

Kirsty said...

I vote for the tool kit idea.

I make up kits for each crafty project but I do tend to lose things that way...I can never remember which kit the staple gun is in.

Amanda said...

I am soooo jealous of your veggies...I really hope to have a garden someday. Hopefully in the next place :)

And yay for a clean desk...It feels so good to have a little order :)

GUGAW said...

fab stuff! would love to have a little veggie patch.

sue said...

I love Fisher 400 paper (for pastels more than coloured pencil work) so interested to hear your thoughts on it.

Lucy Bowler said...

Now that shows how completely opposite our seasons are - there you are picking spuds from the patch, and my husband has just been planting tubers this week! Hope you're enjoying them homegrown, just delicious!

Michelle (artscapes) said...

Shiver me timbers!
Love the Wacom tablet.. always wanted one!

Liesl (Hoppo Bumpo) said...

Yum - homegrown potatoes ... nothing better. You should tell cow to get his back into the digging a bit more though, or that garden bed is never going to be turned over!!

Your creative space looks very well organised. :)

Jennifer Rose said...

yeah Serena at least we try :D I swear the desk was clean yesterday! ;p

Curly- :D I should probably put the rest into jars as well. need a bigger desk tho :)

Kirsty- get more the one staple gun? hmm then again that just means more things to lose :p

Amanda- hopefully the next place has a garden! I love the yard at our little flat, the best thing about it

claire- get a little windowsill veggie patch? they work all right :)

Sue- I actually am liking it so far. Haven't really tried to blend anything so time will tell :)

Lucy- they are so much better home grown! not having travelled miles and miles really makes a difference.

Michelle- lol :D (and he is still playing it :p) it was a gift from a former friend, would never have been able to afford on myself

Liesl- lol I know the cow is slacking! need to threaten him with being made into a stew if he doesn't pick up the pace ;p

kellie said...

Cleaning up can be so inspiring in itself. Enjoy your 'new' space.

Jennifer Rose said...

kellie- lol the clean desk didn't last long, was nice while it did tho :D