Sunday, July 05, 2009

Eye Spy ...

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something I love (or hate) about my suburb. (picked by ellieboo)

I love being able to see the mountains from almost anywhere in town :) Pictures really don't do the view justice. Only been up there when there has been snow on the mountains, very cold but really pretty :) On a good day you can see more mountains, and on a bad day you can't see anything and would get lost walking around up there in the fog.

I love being so close to the sea that on some days you can smell the sea in the air :D

I love the history. I don't just mean old buildings, but the history of an area, the people that lived there. How a place came to be or ceased to be in some cases. I do love seeing all the old buildings (of which there are a lot in town), the detail that went into some of them is amazing and actually makes me sad that a lot of buildings that are made today are pretty much cookie cutter houses that look the same.

I hate (which is a strong word, but apt in the case :/) the neds. But I am not going to take a picture to show people for a few reasons (mainly I don't want the camera nicked). My biggest beef with the Neds (besides the stealing and fighting), is that most cry that they have had a hard up bringing, from a one parent home or were brought up around drugs and they use it as an excuse to knife someone, or steal something. And then get away with it :/ I know plenty of people that have harder lives then most of the neds, who were raised in a one parent home and raised around drugs who don't go around looking for a fight or smashing up buildings. People that are clean (sober or not taking drugs), don't go picking fights, and don't steal. Its a lame excuse to use to try to justify almost killing someone or fighting :/

yeah little bit of a rant lol

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kaslkaos said...

Already guessed from context, I finally know what a ned is. Glad not first hand, though. Our versions of 'neds' here ride their motorbikes or other vehicles really really fast, earsplittingly loud, but don't seem to otherwise bother us.
The view is gorgeous and lovely. I've never been anywhere near the sea, so I'll just imagine what it smells like.

Serena said...

A beautiful view and I would adore the smell of sea air too. I agree with you re. neds. We all have choices in our lives and nobody forces them to choose a negative path and it's downright shameful that they blame others for it.

Norma Soulet (AZArtist) said...

Wonderful photo and thanks for teaching me another new word Ned.
I love the smell of sea air!

Chrissy said...

I always regret being so far from the sea........but thankfully, we don't have too many arseholes, neds is just the scottish version, lol.
I love the mountains, and views, I feel lucky here in Shropshire too. The owl is looking good btw...

Shashi Nayagam said...

How lucky you are to be so close to the mountains and sea. That is a beautiful shot. Thanks for sharing.

Jennifer Rose said...

Ingrid- I wish the neds only rode their vehicles fast (actually no I don't. They have a habit of riding on the sidewalk :/), would be so much easier to deal with them. hmm the sea smells like the lake, but saltier ;)

Serena- exactly! but they blame others because society still lets them :/

Norma- thank you :) and your welcome, wish it was a better word tho ;)

Chrissy- I'd say come and visit and stay here to visit the sea, but don't think the couch is up to be slept on ;)

Shashi- thanks :D

Cindy said...

Gorgeous view, I guess you always get the ying/yang of life.