Thursday, July 09, 2009

Hide and Seek

2/365 9-07-09
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So I decided to bring back the little cow and possibly drive myself even more crazy by trying to take 365 pictures of him. Either I will get all 365 pictures taken or I will end up in the nut house because someone has seen me taking picture of a little stuffed cow riding the bus or driving the car :p Either way it should be fun :p

I promise not to post every picture I take of him on the blog, but its great for days I can't think of anything to post :D

i have about 2 dozen ideas for pictures and after that I really going to have to think of some things. Anyone have any ideas?

Hopefully art tomorrow, I've been busy scanning a bunch of old art that I will be putting up for sale to make space as we are being drowned by artwork at the moment :p


hippyofdoom said...

Maybe Geek Girl Unveiled's photography of her origami cranes could give you some inspiration?

I thought she's been really creative given the scope for repetition!

Jennifer Rose said...

all those pictures are great! :D thanks for the link :)

kaslkaos said...

It is good to be drowned by artwork. It means you've been creative and busy. I too am drowning in artwork but only because I am hopelessly disorganized and have no clue where and how to store the stuff.

Jennifer Rose said...

we need to have a huge yard sale for art :D that might get rid of some of it :)