Monday, July 27, 2009

Now Where is that Corner Piece?

20/365 27.07.09
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I have had this puzzle since Xmas but its pretty big and we don't have a table or a board for it, so I got sick of it sitting in the box so just decided the floor will work :) Just have to remember to vacuum around the pieces and its a good thing we don't have a dog or the pieces would get eaten :p

Copyright Jennifer Rose Phillip

Another update of the rocks. Almost finished, and I do really wish I had done this bigger now. Coloured pencils will always be my first love artistically, but this is a close second. I don't really have to think with this unlike when using CPs. I can let my mind think about anything because its not hard to concentrate on the dots (well that might be why I end up with dots all over my fingers though....). I think that when we have any extra money I am going to be getting some coloured inks and a Rapidograph pen. It has been recommended by so many people for work like this.


Liesl (Hoppo Bumpo) said...

Now if I were to leave a pile of jigsaw pieces like that on my floor it wouldn't just be the corner piece that would go missing!!

I really like your Inukshuk and the pointilism. Its looking fabulous. Looking forward to seeing it when its finished.

Michelle Eaton said...

I love your dot art. It is coming along nicely.

I also like your new background colour, much easier on the eyes :)

Shashi Nayagam said...

Your stone sketch is coming along wonderfully.

Jennifer Rose said...

thank you Liesl :)

thanks Michelle :) I like the white too now that I have had a chance to get use to it :)

Shashi- thanks :D