Sunday, August 09, 2009

Eye Spy ...

an inspiration.


ok seriously I don't really know what exactly inspires me. More then one thing does, and more often then not it is things that give me drawing ideas. Maybe its the artist in me but I do have a hard time not looking at something and not getting some type of drawing idea (which isn't a bad thing unless of course its something dead, and even then some artists find inspiration in that) , narrowing down a few things that inspire was actually harder then I thought it would be.

I love flowers, their shapes, colours and smell. Even the bees that use them for food are inspiring to watch. There are so many flowers I want to draw, just not enough time to draw them all.

The grace of birds inspires me and makes me want to have wings to fly. I would even love fake ones to wear lol hey that would be a cool project to try. Human sized wings made with fake feathers of course but different coloured ones.

And when I see the view around here it makes me want to paint it. The sky with the craggy mountains, and the dark clouds in the sky would make a lovely painting.

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Tania said...

Sort of weirdy how that question of 'what inspires ?' (or when someone asked me recently 'what is your dream?') is so tricky to answer. I always expected to have the answers to those on the tip of my tongue!

Vic said...

Good post to say though that Gerard Butler inspires me big time, in more ways than one lol.....he is so hunky !

Michelle (artscapes) said...

Ya - he's pretty cute!
I'd love to see you try the sky.

Dionne said...

Nature definitely inspires me - flowers especially. I agree, their color and shapes are so beautiful.

Jennifer Rose said...

Tania- they seem like such easy questions to answer but when you stop and think about them you then realize that they aren't :)

Vic- thanks :) and yes he is inspiring and aged really well lol :D

michelle- the sky will probably end up as a painting in college as I would have paint then :) (and the room to paint lol)

Dionne- there is just so much beauty in nature it is really hard not to be inspired :D

Commercial Painting MA said...

The picture of the bird is awesome!

<3 Lindsay

Sandy said...

Loved reading what inspires you! Some of those things inspire me too.

Monica @ bpab said...

Inspiration comes in so many forms, doesn't it? Esp. nature. I'm glad we have some around or we'd all be very boring people!