Sunday, August 16, 2009

Eye Spy ...

40/365 16.08.09
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something red. Very hard to find something red in our flat. Even though I look good in red, I don't actually have any red clothes. So I had to have a little search to find even one red thing.

Think the hat is a little bit too big for the cow though lol This hat fits but its so windy here that it usually blows off of my head :/

A little red jewellery box I bought when I was working at the dollar store (a job I actually did like even with the cranky old ladies who absolutely must have the perfect smelling lavender candle, or the little teenyboppers who kept trying to nick stuff and would go running out of the store because I would follow them around asking if they needed help so they wouldn't steal. [and really if you are going to steal, steal something other then $1 mascara and $1 scissors, because the makeup is going to stain your face and you will look like a raccoon, and the scissors were blunt :p])

A little red dragon that Mr.F's mom gave me as part of a set that sit lined up on the shelf and my foot :p Which thankfully isn't red.

Need to repaint the bathroom as the paint is peeling :/ so there is plaster dust all over the bathroom floor which I managed to track into the hall. We decided since the bathroom gets a lot of light that we could get away with a dark colour so chose this one :) Should go really nicely with the dark tiles on the wall, well at least thats the ides lol And Mr.F has gone prematurely grey from all the plaster dust floating around, looks good :D (but we are both sneezing and should have worn masks, oops and Mr.F wonders if plaster dust is cancerous[considering everything is supposed to give you cancer now] )

Hopefully art Tomorrow, been so busy this weekend really didn't get a chance to draw but if someone was to ask me what we did I honestly couldn't remember lol

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Serena said...

He's under the hat somewhere. lol

I LOVE the colour you chose for the bathroom!

Linda Fleming said...

Good luck wih the bathroom remodeling. Our projects always end up being harder and taking longer than we expect. Hope yours goes better than our projects-LOL!
Love that color you picked out.

Norma Soulet (AZArtist) said...

Good luck with the remodeling. That blue color is lovely! Can't wait to see a picture of the completed project.

Jennifer Rose said...

thanks Serena :)

thanks Linda :) Mr.F is painting so if something goes wrong, its his fault ;)

Norma- thanks :) will have to clean first lol

Mr Fuzzy said...

my fault? :P I < sarcasm > *like* < /sarcasm > how you abdicate all responsibility :P ;-)