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Going Camping

32/365 08.08.09
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Mr.F made the cow a sleeping bag with some leftover scrap fabric lol

"Deuce" Copyright Jennifer Rose Phillip

Deuce finished :) There are some things about this I really like, that left eye and things I don't like, the right eye :p I think it was a successful experiment for me as I did learn how to use this paper, and found out how the colours blended on it. Fur was easy to do on this paper as the rough texture really helps give a furry look. With experiments I am going to post them even if the results are not in my usual style of working and even if they are complete failures, might help other people. I know what is wrong with the right eye, its a little too wide. I did fix it a little but any more of a change and the eye will be completely placed wrong. The eyes are more yellow then brown which they are in the picture and I probably should have extended the bottom of his face as he kind of looks skeletal here :p

I really like the paper (Fisher 400) :D After the first layer which went down really scratchy and patchy, colour goes down really easily and I lost count of how many layers the paper took and it seems like it can take more; which would be a good thing for CP artists that like a lot of layers. Worked well for me when I needed to fix a mistake as the pencil erased easily but the dark colours did not completely go away, fading rather then erasing.

I found that with the first few layers, light colours would go over dark ones with no problem but not if the previous layers were laid down with hard pressure. The CP seems to naturally blend together without any burnishing. I found it to be more like oil pastels then chalk actually now that I worked on this more.

You can see how the pencils blended together here, and see the semi rough texture of the paper. It almost looks like paint here in some places. I found it really hard to get bright whites in the places that needed it unless there was already a light colour laid down. I only had one other problem with this paper. Smudging. lots of smudging. So if you use it make sure you place a sheet of paper under your hand but tape it to a board so that it doesn't move or you will end up with a piece that has had the pencils smudged all over it. Light colours will get effected by this more and you can see that in some parts of the eyes the blues and browns darkened the oranges and yellows a bit too much.

Its pretty much expensive sandpaper lol :D Makes me think if how drawing on fine sandpaper would work and how long it would last.


PaintDog said...

Thanks for posting that eye close-up - it's great to see the different colors you used. I don't think a lot of people realize that it's important to use "unexpected" colors and other colors to support the main tones. It sure adds life and depth!


Teresa Mallen said...

I enjoyed reading of your experience. I too found that cps blended really well on this surface...even in spots I hadn't intended on so much blending :-)
And gosh it isn't cheap is it?! Yikes. Hey, I like the big eyeball!

sue said...

Interesting to see what others think of this paper. Fisher 400 has to be me my favourite paper for pastel work now. I'm not a 'painter' but have used watercolour washes for background and the paper takes this well.

I've only had one attempt at using cps on this paper and didn't like the combination but it may have been the subject - a lion with very full mane. Perhaps I need to try again

Serena said...

LOL....I can barely make anything out so I'll just have to trust you.

Great finish! Beautiful blending work and I appreciate the info on working with the paper.

GUGAW said...

love those eyes, you've really captured the sadness is doggy eyes x

Jennifer Rose said...

your welcome Ann :) yes, some people find it odd when I tell them to use colours they normally wouldn't. Tends to look better when different colours are used :)

Teresa- no its not cheap! o.0 I am really curious as to what makes it better then just using normal sandpaper, which costs pennies

If I get some more of the paper Sue I will try pastels on it. Good to know it can take watercolour washes, didn't think it would :)

Serena- yeah its pretty dark on other monitors :/ not sure why as its visible on mine. thanks :D

Thanks claire :D

BumbleVee said...

Jennifer, are they watercolour pencils? ... I don't know if it works for others...but with my watercolour pencils...on my dolls eyes...I lick the tip a little bit...just slightly dampen it ...and it seems to lay down a thicker coat of white not so see through if you know what I mean. Then when I finish and spray with Krylon Workable fixativ..I do just a tad more white... and that stuff really helps lay down a lot more colour easily... I'm not sure if it works the same on paper as on my cloth doll faces...but, you could give it a try ..this paper seems almost cloth like....

I love these eyes!!

Jennifer Rose said...

vee-not hey are not watercolour pencils, but thanks fr the tip for them when I do use them. :D it probably would work the same on paper as it does on cloth :)

HElen said...

This eye lose-up - unbelievable great! Love it!

Jennifer Rose said...

thanks HElen :D

Sandy said...

Interesting reading this and great job on it.

Jennifer Rose said...

thanks Sandy :D