Friday, August 21, 2009

Marble King

45/365 21.08.09
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Does anyone remember how to play marbles? I actually don't remember ever playing marbles when I was a kid. Sure we use to toss them around but we never really played any games with them or played for keeps (I'm sure many a kid got a marble in the eye with us throwing them around on the playground :p)

So the ladies over at the Virtual Sketch blog have decided to stop with the challenges, so I thought that maybe I could set something similar up. Once a month an image (or two) would be chosen from either images I have or images sent to the group to draw in any way a person sees fit. A date when all the finished, or almost finished work to be posted would be set and then everyone could see each others work. It can be a great way to get feedback and help with your art and it is always interesting to see how other people interpret an image. I would need to think of a group name if people were interested in me creating the group and I could set up a blog to help people stay connected. Its not anything serious, just something to do for fun and not meant to be stressful in anyway, so if anyone would be interested please let me know and I will start setting it up :)

And a little more work on the bucking horse. His face is a little finer here then in the picture, looks more like a mare then a stallion. meh thats all right, artistic license and all :p Need to finish this layer of pencil and then darken it. The first layer I usually just put in the basic shadows and highlights and then just refine those shadows with each darker pencil that I use. So hopefully finish this before I have to start college, which is sometime in the next 2 weeks but I don't know exactly as I don't have a time table yet :p Supposed to get one on induction day on the 27th.

hmm I wonder how odd I would look if I started taking pictures of the cow at college? :p

Still time to enter my give away :D


Chrissy said...

I used to play, big style on drains (a sort of metal grid with two holes either side)and I used to win and the guys got peed off cos I won their best marbles...
I would be interested in taking part in a sketch thing, as long as I had the choice. Working means that I vie for time some months!
Doesn't it look different one definatio is added:D

Jennifer Rose said...

lol so you should be called marble queen then? ;)

it wouldn't be something that you had to do every month, and if you couldn't get the imaged drawn in the time frame you could post it on your blog still :) it does start to look different more like an animal then a stick figure lol :)

leslie said...

I would love if you would continue a sketch date!
I never played marbles, because I didn't want too lose any. Too shiny and glittery for someone else to have them! :)

kaslkaos said...

A horse of course, and now it has a lovely face too.
I love marbles, they are so pretty; never ever 'played' marbles, though. I wouldn't have a clue.

Shashi Nayagam said...

Keep doing your sketches I love to look at them.

Ann said...

Are you sure you will have time to manage a virtual sketch blog with school starting? I love the idea and would be interested in continuing to participate if you do decide to give it a go.:-)

Michelle (artscapes) said...

No idea how to play marbles! And I wouldn't know a stallion from a mare by their face.... I love the drawing....

Jennifer Rose said...

leslie, i have set up another blog, just need to post about it here :) I wouldn't have wanted to lose any of them either

ingrid- thanks :) we played with pogs more then marbles. collected a lot of them and lost a lot of them too :p

thanks Shashi :)

Ann- I should have time, if I end up needing help from another person I could always ask. College is full time but not everyday, so a few extra hours spent on this shouldn't be too bad. :) Its set up, just need to post the info now :)

thanks Michelle :) Stallions have more of a boxed thick head, but of course there are breed exceptions.

Sandy said...

Ohh had a long interruption on the phone and so just getting back here. I always like to see your WIP's and finished work... nice job.

I might join in if I can find the time for your challenges, it sounds fun.

Jennifer Rose said...

I hope you do join when you can Sandy :D