Saturday, August 22, 2009

Prince Charming?

46/365 22.08.09
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Maybe you will grow into the crown cow?

As I wrote yesterday, the Virtual Sketch Day is no more and I was thinking about setting up another group. I set it up today. Made a blog and set up a sight on Ning :) Since at the moment it is just me :p I put the date for the start of the first project on the 29th to give people the chance to join in. It is supposed to be something fun to do if you have the time, and the artwork doesn't have to even be finished when the week is up. Anyone can join in, and people of all art levels are welcome as well :) Hope to see people participating and having fun with it.

I didn't get any art done today at all :( Was so nice out, we worked on the yard as the hedge was getting pretty tall and out of control. I scratched my wrist up pretty good coming up against the thorns on one section :/ I really should take some pictures of the thorns, yes I know not the most exciting pictures but I think it would be the only way to show exactly how deadly the hedge is. Like hundreds of really sharp pins. You come up against it and you are going to leave hurt :/ Its a pain to cut but it works well to keep the kids out of the yard :p hmm I'd take a picture of the cow in the hedge but I'm afraid he would get stuck and I might have to perform emergency surgery to save his stuffing :p

And on that cheery note lol I am still going through some old art to sell. This is from 2004 and was drawn from a photo I took of a bird that one of dad's friends found in a field that just needed some time to catch its breath. He took it to a bird centre and it was probably released into the wild after it had recovered. He had thought it was injured but it was just really exhausted, was pretty young so might have just recently left the nest. I thought it was so interesting to see a wild bird, but tried very hard not to freak it out by getting too close.

One major thing I miss about living in Ontario where we did is the wildlife, and how easy it was to see raptors and deer walking around in the forest. I can still remember riding my bike on the trail and coming across a deer and her fawn but not having my camera. She just watched me for a few minutes, figured I wasn't going to eat her (can't stand venison anyway :p), and slowly walked away. Really wish I had of had my camera then, would have been lovely pictures. I don't fancy running across a deer here, pretty big compared to the deer in Canada.

Bird on a Branch
Copyright Jennifer Rose Phillip
For Sale £20 GPB/$30 USD +shipping
6.75 by 9.75 inches no border
Contact me for more info


Jenaveve said...

Good luck with the new group (if I was any sort of artist I'd join! :)

That must have been magical, riding along and seeing deer and raptors in their natural environment.

We get a few kites/hawks flying over the highway as I drive to work. I have to be careful not to watch them for too long and get my eyes back on the road! But they're incredible to watch circling around, or hovering above their dinner.

Tweed Delights said...

Gorgeous drawing and well done on setting up your new group :) Coo looks very regal - all hail King Coo!

Michelle (artscapes) said...

I love the drawing!

I have a stream running beside my house. It is the animal superhighway. We've have giant snapping turtle, wolf, beaver, deer, moose, owl, raccoon (of course) and others march by here.

Jennifer Rose said...

Jenaveve- it was magical, never saw the same thing twice :) you are an artist, just a different type :) not too many hawks here, lots of gulls and blackbirds though

Alison- thank you :) lol King Coo, like that

Michelle- thanks :D that sounds wonderful! I would love to see a wolf in the wild again. Only seen one once in Aberta, and it very well could have just been a big coyote.

Linda Fleming said...

Darling sketch of the little bird. Your drawing challenge group sounds like fun. Good luck with it and hope you get lots of participants.

Jennifer Rose said...

thanks Linda :) it should be fun :)