Monday, August 10, 2009

Scottish Word of the Week August 10,2009

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Lactose/milk free caramel squares :D pretty good and no we didn't eat them all. Most of it went to other people but at least we know we can make them without any lactose or milk in them now.

(I'm lactose intolerant, Mr F can eat lactose but not milk so something else in the milk doesn't sit well with him)

Anyway the recipe for it is right here

(Hopefully more recipes on a more regular basis this time, now I've jinxed myself though>Mr F)

(which reminds me...I need to fix the comment notification on the recipe isn't notifying me of new comments>Mr F)

My Stargazers finally blossomed :D I just love their colour, and I'm not a lover of pink but this flower is gorgeous.

And another Lily but I can't remember what type. I just love how its red and yellow. If we had more space I would have dozens and dozens of Lilies in pots all over the yard lol but would have to cement them down so the local brats don't steal them :/

Reid Hall with a nice bright flower display. It really brightens up that side of town especially with it being across from the store of evil :p

Its my blog's birthday in 16 days o.0 3 years later and I still use it lol So I was thinking of having a give away to celebrate and decided to draw a little dragon. ok so it looks more like an evil little dragon eating a cupcake lol but it works. Will be coloured with coloured pencils on Mi-Tientes paper. More then likely the give away will be a print of this unless I really mess it up :) I've never done a give away before so not sure how well this will go (might get only 2 people entering lol)

NOM NOM NOM Copyright Jennifer Rose Phillip

And its been a few weeks since I have done a Scottish word of the week, so this weeks word is:

1. dunny

Answer to the last word of the week:

1. vratch is a pitiable person


CurlyPops said...

I'd love to know the scottish meaning for dunny - in Australia, it's a slang term for toilet!

Jennifer Rose said...

lol! good to know if I ever get to Australia :D

Anonymous said...

so if i enter this give away am i excluded because im family? i wanna win :) Happy birthday Blog.
luv ya

Jennifer Rose said...

lol yeah I should have one of those disclaimers, no family :) could be seen as favouritism. sorry :( hope you are having a better time

Tweed Delights said...

Oh yum! Caramel squares :) The flower pics are fab. I'm sure you'll get lots of folk entering your giveaway - I will anyway :)!

HElen said...

Beautiful flowers!

Love your scetch!

Norma Soulet (AZArtist) said...

Your flowers are great. Love the red and yellow one. :) I don't like pink either but that flower is pretty too. :)
I can't wait to see the little dragon for the give-away all done. I might have to enter. I never have luck with giveaways but who knows. :)


Serena said...

yep, here in australia, dunny used to be a common term used for toilet.

thanks for the recipe!

love those lily pics, particularly the red and yellow one!

i'll sign up for your giveaway when you post it...YAY!

JudiA said...

Oh, stargazers are so beautiful. Great photo. I have no idea what the word means (random guess: "brown") but I will happily join any contest where that dragon is the prize. What a character.

Michelle (artscapes) said...

Yummy!!!I checked the recipe though.. It says butter. Can you have that? Or is it margerine?

I'll join the contest too! :-)

Jennifer Rose said...

they were really good Alison :)

thanks HElen :)

Norma- please enter when I put it up :) you never know, could win :)

your welcome serena :) I do like hearing slang from different countries, helps a person when they visit :)

thanks Judi :)

Michelle- for some odd reason butter and margarine don't make me ill. everything else with milk or lactose in it does. I really have to watch what we buy and read the ingredients list. Really narrows down what I can eat :/