Sunday, October 04, 2009

Eye Spy ...

My front door. Which is just a plain door, nothing special. Weighs a ton and when some arse (not Mr.F) lets their flat door slam shut, the dishes in the kitchen rattle. The joys of flat life :p

See the ugly green paint, reminds me of a hospital :p And you have to love the plaster job on the left. Had to fight to actually get the holes left from when the doors were replaced filled. Fixed now at least :) The council is going to paint the hall, not sure what colour. Probably the same green :p (what ever is cheap. hey could end up multicoloured :p)

And the inside. See plain, not exciting door. A doorbell that you could hear down the street. Ignore the right side that everyone forgot to put wallpaper on or paint until everything was put away :p I hate wallpaper. Next time we decorate, we are not wallpapering. Going to stick to paint no matter how crooked the walls are. And they are pretty crooked here :p  (not as crooked as this door lol)

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