Sunday, October 11, 2009

Eye Spy ...

96/365 11.10.09
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My favourite corner of the house.

The corner my desk sits in I guess would be my favourite in the house (ok maybe the bed would be my favourite but I might be saying that because I need a nap :p). Its where I draw, where a lot of my pencils are and where my laptop sits (and while I won't name a car, I am not against naming my laptop, haven't yet but if I could think of a name I would :p)

I need a bigger desk, but then again I would just end up with a bigger pile of clutter :p

Mr.F put up a bunch of shelves for my pencils and books. The books are starting to take over our small flat :p Soon not going to have room to walk. But I'm fine with that, a person can never have too many books :D (and could always just use the books as furniture).

The one big downside to this corner is that we turned my desk to fit the couch in the room (small flat, our yard is bigger :p), and now I look at a blank blue wall.

hmm need this on the wall, would be a lot better then the plain wall :D And would definitely make this my favourite corner over the bed :p

For more eye spy go here :)

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Sally said...

Great shelves... the battle of the clutter is a never ending one. I agree ... the bigger the desk the greater the clutter.

kellie said...

I agree ~ I love my desk and computer too but it isn't really that pretty and you can't see it under the piles of paper anyhow!

Cindy said...

I have thought that a bigger desk may be a good solution but feared the same more mess answer.

Bek said...

Sorting out my desk is forever on my to do list! I need some shelves too I think.

Linda Fleming said...

Oh my! You are so much neater than I am- I'm ashamed-LOL

Aussie-waffler said...

I know what you mean, my art supplies were taking over a corner of the dining room floor. So I purchased a nice, large, cane basket for them...and now, the basket is starting to burst at the seams. OOps.

Jennifer Rose said...

sally, i think i could solve the clutter mess if i threw something out lol

kellie- 0.o be careful the papers don't catch on fire

cindy, hmm many desks might be the answer. spread the clutter around.

bek-the shelves are easy to put up if the walls where you live are straight and level...unlike here :p

linda, i had a quick clean up ;)

aussie-waffler- lol oops ;) more baskets :D