Saturday, October 17, 2009


Well not really. No idea why there were firetrucks in Dundee a few days ago. We were heading back to the carpark and there were trucks lined up by this building and a crane up to a wiindow. Since I've been trying to get photos of firetrucks for a long time but never have the camera when I do see some, finally managed to take photos. Had my camera phone this time so the photos are better then nothing :)

And finally see trees changing colour. The trees at the college :)

I just want to make a big pile of leaves and jump in it :p

I missed a day posting yesterday :( One day this month missed isn't bad. I forgot to bring home some work from college yesterday to show people, hopefully remember on Tuesday so people can see some scribbles.

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Teresa Mallen said...

Great photos. Nothing like fire trucks to get people looking. Are these reference photos for future work? Love the foliage shot.