Friday, October 30, 2009

Quick Ink Sketches

Copyright Jennifer Rose Phillip

If I had not had the 1 litre bottle of caffeine, I would have been a zombie today. Wait a minute that would have been perfect! :D

Some quick 5-10 minute ink sketches of I think a goat skull, I could be wrong though. Its some kind of herbivore. While I was supposed to be trying to get caught up with some class work, I did these at lunch instead. oops :p

Lots of art to finish and start this weekend and try to fit some sleep in between all that as well. hmm being a zombie artist might be a good idea. Do zombies need sleep?


2paw said...

No, I don't think they do, but I expect all the lumbering about and ripping flesh from living people would really play havoc with your art time!!!

kaslkaos said...

Get some sleep! Can't be good to be a zombie, but the sketches are fun.

Jennifer Rose said...

cindy, yeah too busy eating brains to draw. that would be a problem :/

ingird, thanks :) too much to do to sleep :p