Monday, October 26, 2009

Scottish Word of the Week

So figured out what I am going to do with that spider web netting. Use it with the making if a messenger bag (like I need anymore bags :p). Have the skull fabric as the lining and the yellow/orange fabric with the netting for the outside fabric. Probably not get it finished before Halloween though :/

Copyright Jennifer Rose

Quick sketch for the Monthly Sketch Group. Not sure if its sad or funny that I created the group but have only been able to get really quick sketches done lol must try harder :) Anyone is welcome to join in the projects :D

Been way too long since a Scottish word of the week, so here are 2 to try to make up for it

1. craw
2. sugarallie

Answer to the last word:
1. pokey-hat is an ice cream cone


Leslie Hawes said...

Craw...I have heard the expression, "He's got something stuck in his craw", sort of like 'he is angry about something'.
Or it could be a black bird, you know, a "craw".

sugarallie...I'll guess lollipop.

and the bag with skull and netting...very sexy in a Goth sort of way :)

2paw said...

MrsDrWho is Scottish, I'll ask her tonight!! I know 'wean' means small child!!

Jennifer Rose said...

leslie, one meaning is the big black bird :) close on the candy meaning for the second. lol yeah i guess it might be kind of goth when done :)

cindy thats cheating! ;)