Sunday, November 01, 2009

Eye Spy ...

115/365 1.11.09
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I'm not really a shoe person. If given the choice of a bag or a pair of shoes, I'd take the bag. I don't know how many bags I have, they are stuffed everywhere :p

I have...5 pairs of shoes and only wear 2 of them :p 3 wedge pair, this is one left foot of one pair, a pair of sandals and my work boots I was married in.

I would love to wear these, but they are pretty shiny and tall :p I can hardly walk in my sandals. hmm maybe one day I will wear them and cross my fingers I don't fall :p

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Jenifir said...

Since I make bags it is hard for me to choose. I think I would make shoes too if I could do a good my job at it. I can't believe that you only have five pairs! I look at how I dress as another way of expressing myself and shoes just add to my palate. Maybe you just have yet to see really cool but still comfy shoes. Have you seen John Fluevog's shoes?

2paw said...

I love shoes and bags!! Can't wear high shoes though, I used to e able to, now I like to be able to stay upright!!

Serena said...

Pretty shoe! I used to wear high shoes but now I prefer flats.

Shashi Nayagam said...

Love that shoe so pretty with beads.
I love shoes but can't wear pretty ones unfortunately.

Jennifer Rose said...

jenifir, some of those boots are gorgeous :D i've just never been a show person, if I could get away with walking around barefoot I probably would lol i do love these shoes tho :)

cindy-yeah not easy to stay upright without holding onto someone

serena, flats are def. more comfortable to wear :)

shashi- why can't you wear pretty ones? you can get flats that are pretty :)

Cindy said...

Shoes aren't really my thing either, I just hate shopping for them.