Friday, November 20, 2009

Pretty Puppy Packaging

124/365 20.11.09
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So a very lovely wrapped package arrived while I was in college. Love the wrapping paper, its very cute.

The nosey cow couldn't wait and opened it before me. Impatient little thing.

And this was inside :D Nice and warm from Cindy and the trio :) Now it just has to get cold out. ok cold but no snow. I could live without the snow :p and stop raining all ready! I don't want to have to swim to college next week.


2paw said...

So glad the arrived safe and sound and that The Cow likes them!!!

Linda Fleming said...

How sweet of your friends to send you a gift! But you're so sweet you deserve gifts every day.

Serena said...

That wrapping IS very cute! I sure wish we could take some rain off your's been another unbearably hot and humid day. :(

Tweed Delights said...

Cute package :)!

Jenaveve said...

Oh how cool! Don't you love cute packages from far away places? (Cow sure does - I'd be keeping my eyes on that Jarrah chocolate sachet...)

Shashi Nayagam said...

Lovely gifties. Just perfect for the winter

Jennifer Rose said...

thank you cindy :) there are very warm and cozy :D

linda I won them when cindy had a contest on her blog. She had her dogs pick the winners, was a really great way to choose winners. :)

serena I would gladly send some rain there. starting to flood in places but at least it has stopped today. stay cool and in the shade!

alison I want to find some cute paper like that to wrap things in :)

they are perfect for winter shashi :)holding them makes me want to try to learn to knit again to make all kinds of coloured ones to wear :)

Anonymous said...

They are cute, warm and do make mighty great sleeping bags. Winter camping anyone!!!!!. Glad Jen you are over that bug!!. The passing out stuff scared me too.! You make so many people happy.!