Sunday, December 27, 2009

Killer Attack Goose

We had a bit more snow last night so went down to the loch which was pretty much empty except for a killer goose :p Glad we went down tho as the snow had at the time started to melt, I think its pretty cold out right now so the snow is probably sticking around for another day but I'm not going outside to check if it is cold lol brrrr

And as we were leaving, we caught this bird out of the corner of our eyes. Not the best photo as it was taken from the window of the car and I didn't want to open the door and scare it away. I have a rough idea what it is but honestly not that sure. And ideas?

* Elizabeth suggested a Moor Hen, which I thought it might be but wasn't sure :)


Serena said...

Geese make great guard dogs! lol I loved the video of the birds ~ :)

2paw said...

At the Tailrace there are pelicans and cormorants, seagulls and duckies, but the swans scare the willies out of Lorelai Gilmore and me. They hiss and swim up to the jetty and try to bite you.
Our ducks sound just like that and we have a white one that honks!! It is very cold. Nice!!! Too hot here.

Jennifer Rose said...

serena, geese and donkeys were always seen in fields in alberta, no one wanted to mess with them lol

cindy, swans can be pretty mean :/ only one in the loch right now, but I didn't see it so no idea where it is now

Linda Fleming said...

I've actually been chased by a goose- scared the bejezzuz out of me.

Leslie Hawes said...

I think Moorhen is right.