Saturday, December 26, 2009

Logo Design #???

Copyright Jennifer Rose Phillip

One of 4 logo designs for design class in college. I had originally wanted to do a more art nouveau looking design and while the other 3 have some ideas in that vein, this is my favourite which doesn't really go with the theme/brief. Might have to re-write my brief to go with this design more.

I now need to draw the detailed roughs for this and transfer it to better paper, then work on the other 3. And then on to mixed media, which means I get to finger paint :p :D (one can never be too old to finger paint :D :)


Michelle (artscapes) said...

Looks like a coat of arms! :)

Logo work is may favourite! A tip for a good logo - is that is works at a variety of sizes from a sign to an envelope. A variation on my original logo that I used for my company as a graphic designer, I still use for my art and I use it on everything - all my correspondence. All I did was change the colours.

They key is to work in symbols to play around with them. Your dragon is very representative of you. Your work has a rich element of fantasy. I'd invent a font with that fantastical element and play around with how they could be combined. Forget everything you have ever seen and re-invent... Try 20 or so little 'thumbnail' sketches. If you really simplify, you could go so far as to use your logo as a 'signature' for your work in college. Why not? :-)

Jennifer Rose said...

thank you for the advice michelle, very helpful :D

Michelle (artscapes) said...

Just looking at your avatar, I'd say that was perfect! :-D

Jennifer Rose said...

I do use the dragon for a lot of things, hmm maybe a simpler one with less lines and more simple shapes :)

Linda Fleming said...

I like that logo! Mixed medium next? That will be so much fun.