Friday, December 11, 2009

More Messy Writing :p

Copyright Jennifer Rose Phillip

I know I am not the only one that can sometimes have problems starting the first page in a sketchbook. I've tried just skipping ahead a few pages which for some reason seemed to make it easier to put pencil to paper. This time I just decided to put pencil to the first page and of course a dragon showed up. But its almost a full bodied sketch so maybe college is doing more for my art then I think it is.

Don't get me wrong, I'm enjoying going just not 100% sure what I am achieving besides a lot of drawings of skulls and nekkid people :p Having said that, I think that life drawing class is probably what is helping me when drawing things other then portraits and close ups. Easier to see how things are connected in the bigger picture, not just one area.

Possibly over analyzing what we are doing but hmm probably something I can't help doing. And in the end I will probably see improvement, (at least I would hope lol) when going through everything from start to finish. So I figure at the very least I will have learned to draw the human form better, at the very best have some drawings I like, and at the very worst have decided that going to school for art isn't for me. One or more of those options.

Did I mention its cold? No? Well it is, and if I knew more Scottish sayings about the cold I would write them here. But my luck they would probably get me into trouble or I would get angry emails about them. I can think of a few I heard in Canada describing the cold but once again would result in me probably getting angry emails so I will just say its cold and leave it at that. But its bloody cold out!

Question for readers :) Cold sayings where you live if it gets cold, and if it doesn't get cold can I sleep on your couch? (I cook and clean and could walk the dog :D :p)


2paw said...

We just say, it's freezing!! Though we do have a lot of Lazy Winds, that blow right through you instead of around and a lot of 'weather coming off of the mountain' when it's snowing!!!
When I was teaching, so many children would start their books on the first page, make a mistake and then rip the page out. They only did it once!!!

Diane said...

I am sure that in the long run you will be glad you went. I learned so much in my human drawing classes. I went into my classes thinking I was a fairly good artist and found myself learning so much more. I do hope you have good teachers because thats what will make the true difference. My one teacher taught me to open my eyes and I havent stopped yet....

Diane said...

Oh and..."Colder than a witches titty in a brass bra" XD

Shashi Nayagam said...

The sketch is coming on beautifully. I am sure what you are learning in college is paying off.
Keep warm and have a great weekend.

kaslkaos said...

Yep, I see the accumulated knowledge in that dragon sketch. It's almost like magic, the way all that practice seeps out onto a new page, different subject, excepting all the hard work you put into your studies--it's earned.

Perpetual Chocoholic said...

Funny, I often skip the first couple of pages of a new sketchbook too! Too much pressure to succeed attached to those first ones.

I've found I now write on every page a small (or large) comment which may or may not be related to the drawing and then I have no problems.

I want to sleep on someone elses couch too if they have warmer weather;-)

Michelle (artscapes) said...

I can't deal with a new sketchbook either!! Just dug out from under a mountain of snow to share that... ;-)

Jennifer Rose said...

lol at the kids cindy :)

diane, i have learned so much in life drawing. I wish I had of done a class before. the teachers are great, very helpful :) lol that phrase was one i was thinking of :)

shashi, thank you :) trying to keep warm with lots of clothes lol

ingrid, glad the learned knowledge shows :) must be somewhere in the back of my mind in the cobwebs :p

sandi, it is a lot of pressure! shouldn't be but it feels like it is. i to find writing comments on the pages helps, especially when its a blank page. so far no offers of a warm couch :/

michelle, stay warm!

Linda Fleming said...

Back when we lived in the midwest we had bitter cold, long snowy winters. My favorite saying was "snot freezing cold". It would get so bitter cold that the snot really did freeze in your nose!

Sandy said...

We have been really cold for So California, but this week we will be in the high 70's, I have an extra couch but no dog to walk. Do you clean toilets and windows?