Wednesday, December 30, 2009


Copyright Jennifer Rose Phillip

I think I went a little bit over board with this design again :p Way too complicated for a logo design, but if I simplify this it might work for some logo in the future.

suggested my avatar for a logo, which is a good idea. Might have to simplify it as well so its usable for stationary etc.

hmm maybe stick with tribal designs. I tend to keep tribal designs simple (usually....)


HElen said...

It is one great logo!

2paw said...

I love your logo, it looks like something from one of my favourite fantasy books!!

kaslkaos said...

If you like this, you can make it easilly scalable. Turn it into a black & white that fits/reads as an avatar image (silhouette, no detail lines). Then that's your logo. When you make a big version, you can have all the detail, as long as squinting it still looks the same.
By coincidence, I just read an article (off-line) on logo's and the best most memorable ones (coca-cola) are unique fonts, co. name only.

Anonymous said...

hey sis
i think it would make a kick ass tattoo!! just wanna say happy new years
love ya

Linda Fleming said...

Looks great to me!

Happy New Year, Jennifer. Hope it's an extra special one for you.

Jennifer Rose said...

thanks helen :)

cool that it reminds you of a fantasy book cindy :)

good idea ingrid, a silhouette would work well :) I have a text version but again might be too complicated lol

will be way too complicated for a tattoo once its coloured unless its a really good tattoo artist lol

thanks linda ):