Monday, December 28, 2009

Roses in December

Originally uploaded by fuzzydragons

And still budding but whether or not they will flower after the frost we have had is debatable.

Its very odd having this much snow on the ground for so long. Its not feet and feet of snow, but the most I've ever seen here and makes a nice change from the bright neon green grass from the last 2 winters.

The mountains look gorgeous with all the snow on them :) Going to try to remember to get some photos tomorrow. As much as I want to go up and get some pictures up close, I don't want to take the chance the car would break down and then we would be stuck eating the crumbs that have fallen into the seats (yes I guess cannibalism could be an option, but with all the crap we have eaten the last few days, its not an appealing one :p)


Linda Fleming said...

Love that photo! It so beautiful to see a blooming flower against the white snow.

2paw said...

Roses are amazing, the roses in the front garden here are blooming and budding too!!

Chrissy said...

It has been a while since we had cold spells for so long but, we were due it really. I know everyone talks about global warming and am sure the world is warming up a tad ...but there are also weather patterns. It does seem odd to see the roses in the snow, I took a frozen image of one the other morning and I think it is my most popular image on Flickr, I can only imagine that you don't get to see icy roses on the continent.

Michelle (artscapes) said...

Now that is truly amazing...
We are -20 today. Starting to feel like January!

Serena said...

That's a beautiful photo, Jennifer! The snowy background sets of the flower perfectly!

Mary Jane said...

Roses in the snow. Sounds rather romantic and has a nice sound. Would be a lovely title for a series of paintings maybe?
When things warm up perhaps and things aren't so cold.

Jennifer Rose said...

thanks Linda :) it was still blooming yesterday, very odd

cindy, take pictures? :)

chrissy, I think its weather patterns, the weather changes so much. yes people have messed up things but the weather has always changed without human involvement. I found it so odd seeing the flowers and trees covered in snow this time of year but still flowering.

michelle, -20! o.0 ok I will stay here where its only been -9 :p

thanks serena :)

mary jane, it does sound very romantic, could be a title for a romance novel too. but since I don't write anymore, a painting series sounds like a good idea :)