Thursday, December 17, 2009


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Finally a good amount of snow on the ground. Maybe not enough to make a tall snowman but enough that if I wanted to freeze by backside off I could make snow angels :) But I have more common sense then that.... ok maybe not lol

The little Robin bully of the yard eyeing up the bird table by the window. Its always funny when he chases away birds 3 times his size.

Copyright Jennifer Rose Phillip

And here is a pink cow skull (moo) done in oil pastels and turps. I normally cannot stand oil pastels, but really like using them with turps. The pastels get pushed around the paper and the colours blend so much easier. There are defining marks made with a key in this but I don't think they show up very well in a photo. I swear most of the class was as high as a kite after using the turps even with the fan on and the window open :p

Copyright Jennifer Rose Phillip

I had completely forgotten that I had drawn this so it was a nice surprise to find amongst the rest of the life drawing images. You can def. tell which ones where done at the beginning of class and the ones I am drawing now. So while I know that I need a lot of practice in drawing the human form still, its nice seeing that I am managing to improve even a little bit :)


Teresa Mallen said...

Woo-hoo! Congrats on the snow!!! It looks lovely! Love the skull. And what, no odour-less turps? :-)

BumbleVee said...

we warmed up ... still have snow...but, it went from -32 C to +4 C...the last two days were lovely and balmy...sunny and brilliant blue sky.... it was great. Let's see your tiny snowman then...come on, where is he? no picci?... what? you didn't make one? ..... acckkk!!

sue said...

I'm jealous. I live in the only little part of Kent that hasn't been covered with a blanket of snow overnight. My best friend lives just 20 mins away by car and she has 8 to 12 inches of snow and more forecast - I think its cos I live close to the sea at Whitstable

kaslkaos said...

Oh wow! Nice nude. Isn't it great to surprise yourself? That looks wonderful (model gave you a nice pose too).
I only use oil pastels because I don't want smudging, but I still don't like their muddy (compared to prismacolor pencil) colours. Nice purple skull.
Looking very Christmassy up there.

Mary Jane said...

I like that snow photo. Maybe you will have the white stuff for Christmas?
Glad to see you must have warmed up?

Linda Fleming said...

I love your sketches! I say make that snow angel- don't ever become too sensible to do the fun stuff

Leslie Hawes said...

The figure drawing is superb!

Serena said...

If you get more snow you just might be able to make that snowman after sure to take a pic if you do.

Toni said...

Have fun with your snow Jen. We are expecting more snow this weekend. I'll be glad to share with you.

Cathy (Tinniegirl) said...

I haven't seen snow for years. How lovely.

Your artwork is really fab.

Jennifer Rose said...

lol teresa. nope no odourless turps, might be a reason behind that ;) jk

vee, haven't made a snowman yet. I've turned into a wimp in the cold lol

sue, prob because you live near the sea but hopefully you get some snow still :D

ingrid, thank you :) oil pastels are muddy, hmm thats probably another reason I usually ignore them. they need to be brighter colours

mary jane, still cold about -3C brrr. might be a white xmas unless it rains in the next few days

linda, i'll never be sensible lol :D

thank you leslie :D

serena, def. take a pic if I do :)

send more snow this way toni :D

thanks cathy :)