Saturday, January 16, 2010

Contents are Bigger then the Box

It fit in the box, so it has to go back in :p If we do manage to get it in the box we have to remember to take pictures so we can do it again in the future (but for the moment, actually the last week its been like this lol)
Copyright Jennifer Rose Phillip

And I know its way too detailed for a logo, but I'm going to colour it anyway :) Lots of blues and oranges I think. One day I will eventually design a simple logo and a simple enough tattoo with a scarab in it, but until then I will just keep drawing the ones that will kill to get as a tattoo :p
Well this is a bit simpler and once I refine it, will probably just be a solid colour, unless I go wild with the inks :D


Linda Fleming said...

Oh yes, you should color it in - much too nice of design to not finish, even if it's too intricate to use as a logo.

Hope you're feeling better today. As for the over filled box-LOL- I can never get things back into boxes after I've taken them out. I swear to gawd, they grow!

2paw said...

How very Wilton Parmenter of you!! I think it is a rule though, that nothing ever fits back into a box the way it did when you bought it.
I like the one with bells and whistles, all the detail is lovely.

Tweed Delights said...

It's quite difficult simplifying a design, isn't it? My X-mas tree is in the same situation :)! Awaiting transportation to the loft.

Chrissy said...

Hmmm, I always have trouble getting the tree lights back in the original box.
But, it all had to go last week. Unthinkable to have it all out once I get back to work!
Nice designs both of them for different reasons :)

Jennifer Rose said...

linda, I do feel better today. seem to be feeling better everyday now, which is a nice change :) they must grow! we managed to get it back in the box last year, but no amount of pushing and shoving could get it back into its box this year :)

cindy, thanks :D thats the one I like as well, just a bit too much sadly :/

alison, I wish we had a loft because it would have been going up there put together lol

chrissy, thanks :) we kept the lights up lol too much of a pain to get down