Friday, January 08, 2010

Odd Kitty

Copyright Jennifer Rose Phillip

The line art for a cat drawing, looks pretty odd right now since a lot of the cat is fluffy fur and I wasn't going to drive myself insane drawing the line art for that lol Thinking of using Neocolors for the background again and CP for the cat itself. I have been using CPs in college for sketch work and in life drawing class but I really miss doing personal art so hope to start this soon.

And some of the mixed media samples I made up. There is 6 more pages in the book so far with 3 more sheets to cut up and paste with notes. I don't know if what I'm doing is exactly right for the class but even if its not, I learned how certain things react to each other. Really like how vinegar and ink react with each other, gave me some ideas for bigger pieces.

I'm cold. I've become de-acclimatized to the cold. Alberta -30C, Ontario -20C. Here -8C and I'm freezing :p (inside with the heat on lol with a blanket on and slippers :p) The snows pretty in the mountains but too icy to get up there and take pictures. Hopefully the ice on the ground thaws soon so we can walk up the hill and get some nice scenic shots *crosses fingers*


Linda Fleming said...

It's true you get used to the climate where you're living. After years of living where the winter temps were often close to zero and snow ass deep, now that I'm in FLorida I feel like I'm freesing when it get below 60.

I like the way the cat is looking. The set and expression of the eyes you give your animals and birds always look so intense and real. I love that.

2paw said...

Here we have the temperature and the 'actual' temperature, which takes into account wind chill, snow and I don't know what else.
You are definitely going to the top of the class with all your preparation!!

Serena said...

Some reports say it's expected to stay that way for another week in parts of England. Stay warm, my friend!

Your cat drawing looks pretty good from where I'm sitting. I think the mixed media samples are a great idea!

kaslkaos said...

It's about the same temp here, brrrr... I used to think -30C was a bit nippy, but with global warming, -8C does seem brisk.
Nice cat, looking forward to the finish.

Michelle (artscapes) said...

The cat looks like mine. Not happy about the snow and the cold!

It is damp cold over there too. The moisture in the air gets to your bones....

Jennifer Rose said...

thanks linda :) I'm sure some of the people that moved to florida from canada are wondering why right now

thanks cindy :) there is the same here, if its -1 its sometimes actually -4

seems to be getting a bit milder right now serena, but down south and in the highlands is still pretty cold.

thanks ingrid :) its worse when the wind blows. could deal with -8 if it wasn't for the wind :/

michelle, yeah the cats around here don't seem impressed with the snow, most are staying inside. the moisture does just get to you, makes me want to wear gloves around the flat lol