Friday, April 23, 2010

Tired of Seeing Green?

Copyright Jennifer Rose Phillip

Almost finished *does a little dance* 3 hours I worked on this today :/ which on one hand is great that I managed to draw so much with having Sky around, but on the other hand I should have the whole thing done by now. Over 2 months is way too long for one piece. I think a graphite piece will be next, unless I want to drive myself even more insane using CPs for black fur lol

 And another video of Sky in the park, catching a frisbee but not doing very well on the bringing back part lol


  1. Never tired of seeing The Green or Sky and her amazing Frisbee abilities. That was a pretty bad throw, she knew where she though it should be, and it wasn't there!!

  2. Anonymous9:09 am

    Aww Sky's adorable! And I'm lovin' the wee dragon too :D

  3. haha some day she will bring it back and you will be so happy! Your dragon is coming along nice.

  4. ...but those are beautiful greens.
    As for the frisbee, back in Dynamo's frisbee days (she's injured now) we had two identical frisbee. Frisbee #2 did not get tossed until Frisbee #1 came back. Works like a charm, though you have to work your way up to that. Have fun.

  5. Wonderful work!

    I think the smarter dogs (such as sky) just think people are all retarded for continually throwing something away they keep asking for;-) I know my dogs limit is about twice before he looks at me like I'm nuts and he's a retriever!

  6. I love the greens - your dragon is looking great!
    Sky knows exactly what she's doing - trying to get you guys trained!

  7. haha...teddy doesn't play by the rules either. forest flame plants..i love that! i never heard that before!

  8. Your Dragon looks great...and hey what is time?
    I think enjoy Sky. she will not be a pup for long and will get better at everything ;-)

  9. you are doing a great job with Sky. she is so pretty!

    love the dragon, never get fed up pf green dragons....

    love teen & co xx

  10. lol cindy, blame hubby for the crap throw :)

    thanks wendy :)

    sandy, I'm hoping that day happens sooner rather then later lol :) and thanks

    ingrid, thanks :) thats a really good idea with the frisbees, going to have to try that :)

    sandra, thanks :) lol I think that is what she is thinking, "stop throwing it if you want it so bad!" :p

    ann, thanks :) yep training us lol

    jaz, I'd never even seen the plants until I moved here and there were bright red at the time. I like the name forest flame a lot better then the actual name :) I don't think I've ever actually seen a chow play frisbee, actually come to think of it I've never seen a chow bring back a ball either lol :)

    chrissy, thanks :) she might never grow up, living in this house its a distinct possibility lol

    tina, thanks :) Sky is improving, you can see a huge difference in manners since we first got her :)

  11. The dragon is beautiful. Love the blend of colours. Beautiful as always.