Tuesday, May 25, 2010

Anyone want to watch a dog?

all that space and she sleeps cramped in a corner 

I applied to uni as a laugh and because its on my goal list for this year. I really didn't think that I would get in to any of the courses that I applied for and because of other things that were going on we got a dog to try to help (which it has :) ). So a few weeks ago, I got a few emails saying that I had conditional offers on the 3 separate history courses I applied for (they want to see my high school transcript, which I don't have, but can get). But with having Sky now I can't go. I don't regret getting Sky I just thinks its funny that when you are not bothered about something, it tends to happen lol

I love history, and maybe once she is older I can apply again or to a different uni or take courses that I can do at home. I just wouldn't feel right leaving her with a sitter she doesn't know or in a kennel all day and it wouldn't be fair to her at all, not getting the socialization she needs or not working her brain enough. And besides, I don't want to come home to find shes chewed a hole in the wall because she is pissed at me :p


Ann said...

Awww...if I was there I'd watch her for ya! But it's good to know you could take the classes if you wanted to. Do you know what text or books they use? You could always do the reading anyway and probably learn just as much without having to sit through boring lectures and silly tests - but don't tell my hubby, the professor, that I said that!

apparentlyjessy said...

Sky is a gorgeous doggy! I can understand your worry in leaving her alone all day.
Is there any external history courses you could do? I would love learn more about history one day, I loved the subject in high school!

Perpetual Chocoholic said...

I always got jobs that I tried for and interviewed for that I had an I don't care if I get it attitude.

Artoholic said...

It's a shame you can't smuggle her in with you!

When I went to uni as a "mature Age Student" a couple of years back I went through all the same issues. In the end I was able to juggle multiple trips to and from uni each day so I could pick up/drop off. Teenager, dog & kitty kept each other company when dad was at work.

Keep on at home with your studies - it'll keep the fire burning!



Chrissy said...

Jen, I think sometimes you have to spend a little time working out what you really want. That is a whole lot different to what you think you want, what other people think you need and so on.
Ok, so Sky has become very important...now you need to take it from there in consultation with Mr Fuzzy of course ;-)

Sandy said...

She is such a cutie. I would help out if I lived near you.

so sweet looking she is.