Saturday, May 01, 2010

Been Busy

With one crazy dog and Mr.F's broken foot :/ Would rather deal with 10 crazy dogs then the broken foot (ok maybe not 10 dogs, I do eventually want to be sane again :p)


Macpurp said...

is Sky getting a bit crazy? lol. i loved the crossed paws.

love teen & co xx

2paw said...

Sky, crazy?? Surely not, look how prim and proper and well behaved she is. Poor Mr F's foot. I am always ambivalent about giving invalids a bell to ring when they need you to bring them something. Maybe Sky could help??

Serena said...

I dunno - the way Sky is lying there with her legs neatly crossed gives the impression butter wouldn't melt in her mouth. ;) Did I miss a post?? When and how did Mr F break his foot??

Rhiannon Nicole said...

awe what a cutie!! hope Mr. F's foot gets better fast :) xx

Shashi Nayagam said...

Oh that innocent look love it. I am so sorry that Mr F broke his foot.

Jennifer Rose said...

tina, i think sky was always crazy :p

cindy, don't give mr.f and ideas about the bell ;p

serena, he broke a foot bone running :/ his foot was a lovely shade of purple

thanks rhiannon :)

shashi, the innocent look where you know something was done that shouldn't have been lol