Monday, May 24, 2010


ok they were for the inlaws fireplace, to sit somewhere on it, but they look like mushrooms to me. And I think they are pretty cute, just have to make sure Sky doesn't eat them (like the bodywash bottle and jute grocery bag and the wood toilet seat she took a bite out of :/)

And Mr.F's cousin gave me this, a sari that I just need to make a blouse for out of the orange coloured fabric, or get one made instead (there is lots of fabric here, wouldn't be able to get a photo of the whole thing unless it was on someone). I love how shiny it is :D oh and lots of matching bangles I forgot to take a photo of. I'm going to have to get her to grab me a few more next time she goes back to India :)

I had every intention of drawing today, but woke up with a horrible migraine that just wont go away :( So I am going to try to draw a bit before bed and cross my fingers I'm not hearing bongo drums in my head in the morning *crosses fingers*

Plus Sky made a friend today, a cute little Collie cross puppy named hunter, about 3/4 of the size of Sky but gave as good as he got. Also met a Lab called Briar, but Sky was scared of him as he was a good bit bigger, which made Briar a bit depressed as he only wanted to play....Sky is such a chicken / kiff (MrF cant even remember how to spell the word....Tina / Stina help???)


Wen Prior said...

I hope you're feeling better now! I love the 'shrooms and the sari fabric. I love the pink/orange combo in sari's.

Perpetual Chocoholic said...

Hope the headache is gone when you wake up!

I love Saris. They are so beautiful.

Serena said...

Migraines are the pits! I hope you feel better soon. The ornaments look like mushrooms to me too. LOVE the pink/orange colour combo!

2paw said...

Migraines are awful, I had one last week and Lorelai Gilmore kept climbing up and opening the curtain and letting the hellish daylight in!!
How lovely for Sky to have some friends!! With her talents for chewing she'd fit right in here.
Hope you feel better soon.

Jennifer Rose said...

wen, thanks :) didn't have a migraine today thankfully :) i love the colour combo, normally wouldn't work too well but it works here :)

sandra, thanks :)

thanks serena :)

cindy, bad gilly ;) do you want sky? lol