Monday, May 17, 2010


Well there goes my diet :p Mr.F made up some junk food. You know the stuff you find in a Crunchie bar? Thats what this tastes like, he said its puff candy. Pretty simple to make, but full of sugar (which isn't a bad thing :p) (sadly it had burnt bits in it so came with a nasty burnt aftertaste....not so much caramelisation next time methinks, Recipe here >> Mr F)

The theme for the Monday photo of the week is "My Workspace", which has been usurped my Mr.F :p so I am using his desk which use to be my old desk actually, but with a tv on it now which makes it a bit harder to find space to draw. We don't actually watch tv just play games on it, but I would kill for a tv to hang on the wall instead. And I am using his desktop now, which means I can play Command and Conquer 3 (but that is also a bad thing since I lose track of time playing it).
hmmm pringles...actually hmmm henry :p
And most of my pencils are in jars here, the rest are still in the tins they came in under the lightbox. I need one of those plastic drawer unit things on wheels to put all my art supplies in and then have to cross my fingers Sky doesn't figure how to open the drawers lol
And since space is at a huge premium right now, art is shoved anywhere and everywhere (under the bed, portfolios hanging on walls, on top of shelves etc) but at least Sky can't get at it there.


Macpurp said...

who is your eye candy on the pc?

the candy looks yummy too! LOL
love teen xx

CurlyPops said...

Ooooh yum I love crunchie! I didn't know that you could actually make it???

Wen Prior said...

Ooh wee call that hokey pokey and put it in icecream. Om nom nom!

Serena said...

We call it honeycomb here in Australia and it's delicious! I used to make it a lot when the kids were little.

Thanks for showing your workspace for our photo group challenge...I don't think it would be too bad at all working at that desk with Henry Cavill watching on. ;)

Artoholic said...

Over here we call it honeycomb. I spent many hours of my childhood cooking it, waiting impatiently for it to cool, then EATING IT! I also made lots of toffee and other really-bad-for-your-teeth-and-tummy things!

Hope you enjoyed every mouthful (HINT - you can crumble it into a cheesecake too!)

Art supplies - they tend to breed uncontrollably don't they!



Rhiannon Nicole said...

You need to post a recipe for that tasty little dish you have there! That stuff is my fave; seriously :) xo

Chrissy said...

Command and conquer sounds familiar ;)Games eat up the time methinks, I have resisted the temptation although I am still off work. I like seeing others workspace, none of us ever have enough.
That is one big crunchie bar!

Teresa Mallen said...

Yes that candy looks yummy indeed. Recipe please...yes we know it has sugar...LOL

Mr Fuzzy said...

As requested recipe now added to post. Just disappointed I can't get hokey pokey ice cream here nor decent smoked fish either....