Thursday, June 10, 2010

Burn Baby Burn

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number of times blood was shed: once (mr.f's :p)
number of times the air was turned blue: 4
number of times the store of evil was cursed at: can't remember :p
number of times it took to light: 2 (after a hell of a lot of lighter fluid :p, (Seems Mrs F's too much was not enough :-P >> MrF BBQ Chef Extraordinaire :p)
number of times I ran in fear over the lighting of said BBQ: only twice, but even Mr.F took a few steps back the second time just in case there was indeed too much lighter fluid this time :p)

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Macpurp said...

so funny! x

Serena said...

Heavens, I hope the meal was worth all the stress. lol I'm very wary of gas BBQs....the type that use gas cylinders. I'm always afraid they might explode as there have been cases of explosions....scary stuff!

Leslie Hawes said...

Hamburgers on the Grill...priceless.

An interesting and helpful tip for starting charcoal without lighter fluid (which I am also afraid of)
sprinkle a bit of vegetable oil on a bit of newspaper to put under the charcoal (think 'grease fire')and light it.
No chance of 'explosion', it's more natural, typically costs less, and burns longer on the paper to get the charcoal started.
I didn't believe it would work, at first, but gave it a try and it works just fine!

2paw said...

So was there a barbie after all??? I love a good barbie and I read yesterday that a good potato salad ameliorates all the meat you eat!!

Susan L (lily40au) said...

sounds dangerous ... glad it was a nuclear weapon! LOL
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Jennifer Rose said...

serena, the meal was really good :) I never used charcoal before, always gas so it was odd using it

thanks for the tip leslie :) will have to try that next time

cindy, there was a bbq in the end :) and probably again tomorrow too