Monday, July 26, 2010

Argh Matey!

Have I mentioned I want a boat before? :p I love being on the water, but pass on getting a canoe, lol first time I went in one, I fell over. So seeing all kinds of boats really put me into dreamland. Always nice to dream about having a huge sail boat and travelling the world with it.

I took 599 pictures in 3 days when I was down in Dartmouth o.0 Lots and lots of boats and lots of old buildings. Don't worry, not going to post them all here lol And let me say you can pick the Navy boys out of a crowd pretty easily, similar dress, hair cuts and they travel in packs. (some not bad to look at either :p) Ended up with a tan, which is shocking for me since I usually end up looking like an overripe tomato, and actually managed not to get attacked by an angry seagull.
When I got there off the train it was pouring down, and of course I brought everything but an umbrella. I took more stuff for 4 days away then I took when I went to New Zealand for a month. Next time, I am travelling light again, screw lugging around a suitcase on the train again.
When the tide is low like it is here, the boats can sail out to the other side of the harbour and then away. The ducks have figured this out and instead of flying to the other side, wait for the tide to go down and then just swim :p
I loved how a lot of the tops of the buildings were still old looking like this one, added a lot of character to the place. Yes its a touristy thing, but its still neat to see.
Few pics from the gardens, nice little place to sit and people watch (as long as you don't mind your toes getting attacked by pigeons. Nasty little buggers). I do wish I had of brought Sky tho, she would have loved seeing all the people and dogs running around (might have had to stop her from jumping into a boat tho lol)
And always handy to know where the loos are :p


Teresa Mallen said...

Fabulous photos!!!! Looks like a really wonderful place to visit. Glad the weather improved! :-)

2paw said...

We are very marine obsessed here too, everyone has had, has, or will ahve a boat. My dad did!! Being surrounded by seas and straits and oceans we have lots of marinas and wharfs, but it is great to see some from your world!!! Nice to know where the loos are with all that water in the fountain!!

Chrissy said...

Lots to catch up on here. I love the sea and boats, I would love one too. I so laughed at your comment about travelling light too. I used to lug around allsorts, now it gets less and less!!

Sandy said...

Great photos, love those buildings.

kaslkaos said...

What a vacation. Gorgeous photos, thanks for vicarious pleasures. I eagerly await next weekend so I can view your latest Sky video with the library wifi. Something to look forward too.