Friday, July 02, 2010

Dartmouth UK

So here are some photos from my ongoing trip to Dartmouth in Devon UK, I'm shattered so heading to bed, after posting these pictures.

Firstly an interesting reinterpretation of a pair of toilet signs...not sure if they are art or vandalism....thoughts?

Also an arch leading out of a fort from many years ago, which used to form part of the defences of Dartmouth.
A street by the quayside, with a small cannon

Now a view from a large crimean war era cannon captured from Russian forces which has the imperial double headed eagle stamped on top.

A view of Kingswear from Dartmouth
A slightly different view of Kingswear from Dartmouth

A look along the harbour in Dartmouth, past the 2 hills is the sea, to the left of the photo is the beginnings of the river Dart.

So uploaded a little out of order but not bad looking :) If anyone wants to draw any of these, please feel free :)
Off to bed now, Adios from Senor Fuzzy :P


Perpetual Chocoholic said...

If it is vandalism they should get the people who did it to fix others. I like it!

Michelle (artscapes) said...

That archway is too cool. I have to come back to Scotland some day soon. But, before, I should get some photos of Dartmouth, Nova Scotia!

Mr Fuzzy said...

I'm actually at the other end of the country at the moment, roughly 560 miles from home.
Would be interested to see some photos of Dartmouth NS :)