Sunday, August 08, 2010

Little Too Old for Shoes like this?

:p Don't care lol I really like them. Just have to try not to get tangled up in all the laces. Sky tried to eat them when I was tying them up :p

And this time I promise to be careful with this phone. I'm paranoid about breaking it.
I resisted buying a new bag lol it was so very hard!! So a day of shopping and Sky riding the bus. She did very well, didn't freak out or throw up all over the floor (thankfully!).

Ever since I got back from Dartmouth I have wanted to draw boats, so will probably have some boat drawings soon even if they are just sketches :) Yeah not much point to this blog post lol Just felt like updating :)


Chrissy said...

Nice to hear from you...I love boats so look forward to the art> . Smart phone. Don't tell me you are too old for shoes like this please...they look like some of mine!

2paw said...

Nice new phone and very cool shoes!!
Is Sky allowed on the bus?? Only Guide or Assistance dogs are allowed on buses here.

Perpetual Chocoholic said...

Artists are supposed to wear shoes like that. That's exactly why I have a pair that looks quite similar only with purple and black checkers and I'm 45! Love them!

Mary Jane said...

Jennifer Thanks for coming by my blog today. I see you are having a lovely time. I love those shoes. Maggie would love them too I am certain. Especially the laces.