Tuesday, September 14, 2010

Flickr Favourites

I love gargoyles. the stone ones not the Disney version :p I like having the surprise of looking up at a building and seeing something looking back at me (preferably not some creepy naked dude...well unless they were cute :p)

I would love to design a gargolye one day, but don't think the council would really like it if there was a 10 foot dragon on the roof :p

For more faves head over here :)


Serena said...

They make very interesting sculptures and, from what I've read, they are said to ward off evil??

Nice pics!

2paw said...

They are amazing aren't they and I love the ones that are part of the roof drainage and guttering. The water pours so wonderfully from them!!

ArtMind said...

I learned a new word but I think it will be a hard one to remember for me. :) I love statues on buildings in general, they seem to give it a story. Great mosaic! :)

sue said...

Well you've given us food for thought here Jennifer.

Just felt compelled to read more about gargoyles.
Apparently (as 2paw said) gargoyles were used for drainage to ensure water didn't just cascade down brickwork causing damage. The non-water carrying ones are called Grotesques (but commonly thought of as Gargoyles).

Nice little diversion ... now back to the drawing board :o)

anka said...

Gargoyles scare me a bit, but in your mosaic they look really great!