Friday, September 17, 2010


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Its a miracle I got a high school diploma sometimes lol Not that I'm daft (well maybe with math :p), but after 3 high schools, you get really sick of school. And because school works differently between provinces, I had to redo some courses, and some courses that I had already done, did not count towards a diploma in the different province. So in reality I had to redo a whole year of school, which really made me hate studying :/

But I did take all the art courses I could, some more then once. And was often left alone to do what I wanted in those classes, which was great. And I was always encouraged to go to College or Uni for art (and I would have loved to go here, but not much chance of that happening now :( ).

It is funny seeing these marks tho. On the one hand, they are better then I thought they were, but on the other, they are not really that good :p But no way in hell would I want to go back and redo them. You could not pay me enough to want to be back in high school *shudder* Being the "odd" one sucks at that age. Now, its all right, I love being odd :D I'd rather be odd and say things I shouldn't, then be "normal" ;p Normal can be so boring :p


Liesl said...

I have Physics and Pure Mathematics marks that match your Social Studies one. The best thing about high school marks is that they don't really matter once you're an adult!

CurlyPops said...

You got great marks for Art!
Odd is good - it makes the world so much more interesting.

2paw said...

I am always confused about high school and college. Here, high school is years 7,8,9 and 10 and college is either Matric, years 11 and 12, or it could have been the college we used to have instead of Uni. So many subjects. I did 4 in one year to get my Matric to go to Uni. I did notice you did very well at art. I was the odd one out at Matric too, who would have guessed that?? But now, I think people get odder as they get older so we were just fast developers!!!

Serena said...

Congratulations!!! Yep, normal is boring ~ :)

Macpurp said...

you are not odd, you are unique!
My school reports said I was a day dreamer and could try harder....not much has changed there then!
love teen x