Tuesday, February 08, 2011

Flickr Favourites Feb, 8 2010

Felting is one craft I haven't tried that I really, really want to. There are so many wonderful looking things that are made this way, the house would be full of more fuzzy dragons :) But there is one thing that stops me:

The sharp needle. I bleed a lot and am a clutz when it comes to sharp objects :p There are not enough band-aids in the house for me to even try to felt something :p

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2paw said...

I totally agree. I am always pricking myself with a sewing needle, so imagine what I could do with one of those multi needled things?? Doesn't bear thinking about!!!

ArtMind said...

You can try wetfelting instead of dry felting, no needles involved but it's much harder to make objects then...
Felting is so much fun!

Jennifer Rose said...

cindy, i'm the same. i've even managed to poke myself with a crochet hook lol

mitsy, i am going to have to try wetfelting then :)thanks for telling me about i