Tuesday, April 05, 2011

Day 5

A song that reminds me of someone...had to pick Mr.F and 2 songs (he also listens to a lot of music). So the first song is:

And the second:

I like the Manics, not too keen on The Whitlams but when I hear either of them I think of Mr.F. Politics and quirky Australian music...yeah thats Mr.F :p


Serena said...

I can't say I'm a fan of either band but, yes, certain songs do make that connection where you immediately think of someone.

2paw said...

Yes, The Whitlams, named after Edward Gough. Blowing up pokies and lusting after Pentecostal girls.

Artoholic said...

The Whitlams performed a Valentine's Day concert not 2 kms away from my place. I couldn't make it as I had a school function on, but I heard they were good (not get up and dance good though).

The only songs of theirs I really like are "Blow up the Pokies" , "No Aphropdisiac"

Jennifer Rose said...

serena, it is really odd, because sometimes its not a song that you would even think they other person would listen to that reminds you of them

cindy, lol had to go ask john about the songs. had no idea :)

mitsy, hubby hasn't seen them live, wants to tho :)